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Alice’s monthly mission: May

I’ve decided to start something new on the blog- a monthly mission to inspire me to be a more confident, happy, and healthy young adult.

Join me for May, as I focus on finding more friends. Read more…


How to have more money (and still live your life!)

Oh lawdy, January is a long month, isn’t it? My January has felt especially tough, after a move to London and surviving here on an Edinburgh pay (I do not recommend).

But the upside of being so skint is I’ve learned some great money saving tips to share with you. You can be poor and have fun, promise! Read more…

The Great Escape: Top travel tips

What a summer! Touring around the States was a really great experience, although certainly not without its stresses and complications.

If you’re thinking of travelling, around America or to more exotic climes, here’s what I’ve learned and my top tips for a great trip. Read more…