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Nail the sales: what to buy now to wear into autumn

For me, sales are a minefield. At this time of year all I want to buy is sparkly festival-themed items and light summer dresses, despite having no festival or holiday plans (cry).

But to really nail the sales, it’s important to think ahead. Here’s my pick of what bargains to buy now that will serve you well into autumn. Read more…


Be like Audrey: A modern take on 60s style

I am LOVING the warmer weather we’ve been having lately. It’s amazing how a few degrees of heat can provide the opportunity to be much more playful with your outfit.

On that note, let me introduce you to my new favourite dress. Read more…

Girl power! Wearing your heart on your chest

As a 90s kid, I’ve long been a fan of the Spice Girls. But at five, I didn’t realise what their ‘girl power!’ slogan really meant.

These days, however, it’s something that is really important to me. And I love that these days feminism and fashion go hand-in-hand. Read more…

Colour Me In: A new palette for Spring dressing

With the weather being so bleak for so long, I’ve definitely found myself in a style rut- particularly when it comes to colours.

Black, camel, burgundy and khaki are my go-tos. Not that there’s anything wrong with that palette (they’re just so easy to piece together!), but for spring/summer I want to challenge myself to embrace a rainbow of colours instead of only safe options.

Read more…

Yeah, baby! Street Scenes and 70s Sass

It’s official, ladies- the 70s trend is not going anywhere.

I was hesitant to join on the retro bandwagon, but this is a style that has grown on me massively over the past year or so, especially retro jumpsuits. I searched EVERYWHERE to find a 70s-style denim jumpsuit- this flared number certainly didn’t disappoint. Read more…

Lady in Red: My favourite new season buy

I’m an outfit planner. I usually have a list of items waiting to be purchased when the student loan comes in, but occasionally an item will come along that throws all my purchase plans out the window.

This glorious red trench was definitely one of those items. Read more…

Earn Your Stripes: New season dressing

Last week offered the merest glimpse of summer and I, like the rest of Scotland (taps aff!), took the rare opportunity to whip out some of my summer wardrobe.

Since we seem to have been stuck in a murky post-winter gloom all year, I’d felt like I’d forgotten what summer dressing is all about. But thankfully I had a few bright and breezy pieces ready in my wardrobe that nail 4 summer dressing trends in one. Curious? Read on! Read more…

How to Buy Denim (Ft. My Dream Jeans)

Shopping for jeans is a headache. If you’re one of those people who can just pick any old pair from the High Street and look fabulous in them, start counting your blessings.

For months I’ve been looking for new denim to spruce up my casual wardrobe. The criteria? The must be high-waisted, not boring and well-fitting. I finally found them. Read more…