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red jumpsuit summer outfit with tassel earrings in Pimlico London

If you own it, wear it: making the most of my wardrobe

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you’ll know that I have lots of wonderful clothes. It’s my mission to search high and low for bargain statement buys.

The problem is I don’t wear them. Read more…


Girl power! Wearing your heart on your chest

As a 90s kid, I’ve long been a fan of the Spice Girls. But at five, I didn’t realise what their ‘girl power!’ slogan really meant.

These days, however, it’s something that is really important to me. And I love that these days feminism and fashion go hand-in-hand. Read more…

I tried on every leopard print coat on the High Street (so you don’t have to)

It’s official: animal print is the trend of autumn/ winter 2016. But when there are so many options on the High Street, how do you know which ones have the raaaawr factor?

Inspired by my main gals over at The Debrief (just kidding, I’ve never actually met them), I challenged myself to try and compare each shop’s take on this season’s must-buy: the leopard print coat. Read more…

Colour Me In: A new palette for Spring dressing

With the weather being so bleak for so long, I’ve definitely found myself in a style rut- particularly when it comes to colours.

Black, camel, burgundy and khaki are my go-tos. Not that there’s anything wrong with that palette (they’re just so easy to piece together!), but for spring/summer I want to challenge myself to embrace a rainbow of colours instead of only safe options.

Read more…

A Guide to Accessorising: Dressing up a £15 jumpsuit

I’m terrible for under-accessorising, mainly because I seldom buy any. I’m one of those people who’ll hesitate to spend £40 on a bag I’ll use every day, yet will happily shell out for a dress I’ll only wear a couple of times.

Well no more. You see, accessories are a really great way to create a luxe look on a low budget. Armed with a new Gant belt and a desire to change my ways, I decided to style up this bargain jumpsuit. Read more…

That Inbetweenie Feeling: Dressing for dull days

Hands up who’s ready for summer? Seriously, would it be too much to ask for the temperature to top 10 degrees?!

I’m finding it hard to find outfit inspiration right now. This constantly cold, drizzly, generally bleugh weather has me craving cosy and comfy. Read more…

That 70s Show: Retro styles, autumn colours

I’ve had somewhat of a resistance to 70s styling in the past. Not because I don’t like it- far from it- but because I don’t want to look like every other woman who shops on the High Street.

But a new season brings new designs and some looks are just too good to miss out on. Especially when they come at such a bargain price. Read more…