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How to find your own style: reflecting on my fashion choices

This month I’ve had so many compliments on my outfits, both in person and online.  I’m always super flattered when people rate my style, yet equally I feel surprised that they find my look so ‘out there’. After all, I’m just being me.

But I’ve realised that for many people, finding the confidence to dress how they want is not easy. Here are my tips for finding what works for you (as well as some of my favourite looks to date).

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Wardrobe Tour: 5 of My Favourites (VIDEO)

Hello lovely followers! One of my 2016 blogging goals is to, erm, vlog (so not really a blogging goal at all!)

In this video I talk about five of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. Read more…

A Guide to Winter Layering

It’s official- December is here people, this is not a drill! And while I love all the festive party looks out there, sequins and slinky dresses just aren’t feasible every day (God I wish they were).

But cold weather doesn’t have to mean boring! Here’s some tips to layer up your perfect winter look. Read more…

Bohemian Dream: Petite summer style

There are so many looks I want to wear, but I feel won’t look right on me. I’m petite, but I’m not skinny; I’m in proportion but it’s easy for my legs to look stumpy.

So when I find the latest trends in petite styles, I definitely get excited. Read more…

Colour Me In: A new palette for Spring dressing

With the weather being so bleak for so long, I’ve definitely found myself in a style rut- particularly when it comes to colours.

Black, camel, burgundy and khaki are my go-tos. Not that there’s anything wrong with that palette (they’re just so easy to piece together!), but for spring/summer I want to challenge myself to embrace a rainbow of colours instead of only safe options.

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Earn Your Stripes: New season dressing

Last week offered the merest glimpse of summer and I, like the rest of Scotland (taps aff!), took the rare opportunity to whip out some of my summer wardrobe.

Since we seem to have been stuck in a murky post-winter gloom all year, I’d felt like I’d forgotten what summer dressing is all about. But thankfully I had a few bright and breezy pieces ready in my wardrobe that nail 4 summer dressing trends in one. Curious? Read on! Read more…

A Guide to Accessorising: Dressing up a £15 jumpsuit

I’m terrible for under-accessorising, mainly because I seldom buy any. I’m one of those people who’ll hesitate to spend £40 on a bag I’ll use every day, yet will happily shell out for a dress I’ll only wear a couple of times.

Well no more. You see, accessories are a really great way to create a luxe look on a low budget. Armed with a new Gant belt and a desire to change my ways, I decided to style up this bargain jumpsuit. Read more…

That Inbetweenie Feeling: Dressing for dull days

Hands up who’s ready for summer? Seriously, would it be too much to ask for the temperature to top 10 degrees?!

I’m finding it hard to find outfit inspiration right now. This constantly cold, drizzly, generally bleugh weather has me craving cosy and comfy. Read more…

Edinburgh Fashion Week: The Outfit

For me, the best part of any event is choosing what to wear. The excitement of creating an outfit to turn heads, and to finally wear those amazing pieces that have been crying out for attention in your wardrobe.

Here’s my look for Edinburgh Fashion Week 2016. Read more…