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You go girls! Why bloggers should support each other

The blogging world is a strange one. I’ve always found the community to be very supportive, but with all the obstacles social media presents (I’m looking at you, Instagram!), lots of us aren’t happy with the status quo.

However, I firmly believe in supporting the blogging community, both big names and small. Here’s why.

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How I’ve grown my blog in 2017

This might seem like a bit of an odd time of year for this post. After all, reflection is best saved of the end of the year, right?

But I’ve recently hit a few significant blogging milestones. Last week I actually surpassed last year’s total views, despite there still being a few months left of 2017. Woohoo! Here’s what I’ve been doing to grow my following this year. Read more…

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Five independent designers you need to know about

If you’ve explored much of my blog then you’ll know I really love to support indie brands.

I’m always scouring social media to bring you the next names you’re going to want to know about. And these five? They’re going to be pretty big. Read more…

5 more brands on Instagram I’m crushing on right now

I am an Instagram addict these days. If you read my first post, you’ll know that I love using it to find new clothing brands.

Here’s the Insta accounts I’ve been crushing on lately. Read more…

Her success is not your failure: A lesson in girl love

Ladies, we need to talk about girl love. No, not like that! I mean, we need to discuss why it’s so difficult to support each other.

You see, when girls get together great things happen. But sometimes this is harder than it should be. Read more…

5 new fitness trends you need to know about

If you’re anything like me, this recent spate of sunshine we’ve been having will have got you thinking, ‘oh heck, I have NOT achieved my summer body goals yet.’

But if spending hours on a treadmill just isn’t for you, then why not try one of these new and unusual work outs? Get the leg warmers and leotards ready… Read more…

How to do glitter lips (VIDEO)

We’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, but how easy is it to actually achieve the glitter lip trend at home?

My sister and I decided to give it a go, armed with a multitude of coloured glitter pots and glue that smelt suspiciously like PVA. What could possibly go wrong..?

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5 brands on Instagram I’m crushing on right now

Instagram is by far my favourite social media. You’d be amazed how many purchases I’ve made after spying things I like while scrolling through my feed.

Here’s the brands I’ve been obsessing over lately that you should definitely follow. Read more…