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How We Got Our Jobs as Artists: Interview with DelvesintoHollis

Hello lovely readers, and apologies for the radio silence recently! I’ve been going through some exciting life changes recently which I’ll share with you on the blog shortly.

In the meantime, I’ve been speaking to some very interesting twenty-somethings, and I wanted to share the thoughts of Becky and Caitlin with you, the founders of creative arts project, DelvesintoHollis.

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the creative industry but weren’t sure how to get started then read on!

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Pack It Up, Pack It Up: How to fill a suitcase without losing your shit

So, um, I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK ON SATURDAY *squeeee*.

And while that’s great and all, trying to fit enough clothes to see me through three months whilst abiding to the 23kg weight limit sucks. So how did I do it? (or how I will hopefully do it. Forever living in fear that my scales are off)

Here’s my top packing tips. Read more…