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How I dye my hair: A fiery look using Olaplex (VIDEO)

I’ve become pretty efficient at the old home dying business, but using bleach still terrifies me.

In this video, I’ll show you how I’ve created a two-tone fiery look using Olaplex so protect my precious locks.

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10 Things You’ll Understand If You Have Red Hair

It’s official, ladies- red hair is ‘in’ for autumn/ winter 2016.

While some have been rocking this trend since birth, others (ehem) have faithfully converted to the #gingerlife.

Whether you’re a natural redhead, or committed to your orange hair dye, here’s 10 things you’ll definitely be able to relate to. Read more…

Dress Up, Dress Down: It’s always ok to wear sequins

Some days you just have to wear a party dress. Yesterday was one of those days.

So despite the wind and rain and the fact I had zero plans, out came my favourite sparkly number from the back of the wardrobe. Read more…

It’s Ma Burfday: I’m back on the blog

Apologies for being so quiet recently! Going on holiday and all the New York madness has left me with not much time to blog.

Aaaaanyway, I thought it was about time I posted my birthday outfit. This year I turned 21 and to mark this milestone I wanted an outfit that would really make me feel special.

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Steak and Shoes: How I spent my Friday night

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out new Edinburgh restaurant, Steak on Stones, on Friday night.

Now I might be a vegetarian/ occasional pescetarian, but any novel dining experience and I’ve got to get involved. Also, ¬†excuse to plan an outfit! So after checking they served up more than raw steak (they did, yay!) I took the man along for a feed. Read more…

Feeling Fresh ft. New Hair and New Dress

Have you ever liked an outfit so much you decided you couldn’t wear it? Not yet, anyway.

That’s what happened to me when I was choosing a look for my friend’s 21st birthday. I was so enamoured by my outfit choice (major brag I know #sorrynotsorry) that I decided to save it for my own. Back to the wardrobe I went- here’s the look I came up with instead. Read more…

Spring Pastels: It’s never too early, right?

Spring has sprung! Er, kind of.

Pretty much since January I’ve been craving spring fashion. So for my friends’ birthdays on the 28th February (so SO close to spring) I decided to don this pastel number. Read more…