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5 new fitness trends you need to know about

If you’re anything like me, this recent spate of sunshine we’ve been having will have got you thinking, ‘oh heck, I have NOT achieved my summer body goals yet.’

But if spending hours on a treadmill just isn’t for you, then why not try one of these new and unusual work outs? Get the leg warmers and leotards ready… Read more…


How I Got My Job as a Personal Trainer: An Interview with Iona May

Health and fitness is big business right now. From avo on toast, to finally mastering the squat rack, most of us twenty-somethings are really trying to take care of our bodies (in between the pizza take aways and 3am parties, that is).

I spoke to personal trainer, Iona May, about what trends actually work, and how any future fitness buffs can turn their passion into a career. Read more…

Why We Need To Stop Guilting Ourselves Over Food

I am a healthy eater. Like many twenty-somethings, I have embraced the clean eating phenomenon, and carefully think about what I eat and why.

I eat lots of protein-rich foods, rarely buy a pre-made meal and drink oodles of water. Yet whenever I fall off the wagon, I’m left wracked with overwhelming guilt.

But I’ve decided that I need to stop feeling so bad about myself. And here’s why you should too.

Read more…