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Yeah, baby! Street Scenes and 70s Sass

It’s official, ladies- the 70s trend is not going anywhere.

I was hesitant to join on the retro bandwagon, but this is a style that has grown on me massively over the past year or so, especially retro jumpsuits. I searched EVERYWHERE to find a 70s-style denim jumpsuit- this flared number certainly didn’t disappoint. Read more…

How to Buy Denim (Ft. My Dream Jeans)

Shopping for jeans is a headache. If you’re one of those people who can just pick any old pair from the High Street and look fabulous in them, start counting your blessings.

For months I’ve been looking for new denim to spruce up my casual wardrobe. The criteria? The must be high-waisted, not boring and well-fitting. I finally found them. Read more…

Make Mine Denim: Playing with fabrics

Denim boots, you say? Denim? In case you hadn’t realised already, anything goes at Twenty-Something City.

I decided to experiment with textures and fabrics for a unique look. Read more…