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Nail the sales: what to buy now to wear into autumn

For me, sales are a minefield. At this time of year all I want to buy is sparkly festival-themed items and light summer dresses, despite having no festival or holiday plans (cry).

But to really nail the sales, it’s important to think ahead. Here’s my pick of what bargains to buy now that will serve you well into autumn. Read more…

All in the Details: How to build an outfit with impact

With grey skies, darker nights and general post-summer blues, it can be hard to feel inspired when it comes to fashion right now.

But making a style statement shouldn’t mean spending a fortune on new season looks. In fact, I promise you already have the building blocks for a great outfit already waiting in your wardrobe. Here’s how to find them. Read more…

Maximise Your Assets: You’re never too short for a maxi dress

In my mid teens, I was of the firm belief that any dress longer than just below my butt was too long. I loved to show off my legs and- at a teeny 5’2″- I thought the only way to do this was to wear the shortest hemlines possible. Not so.

The fact is, short girls can wear maxi lengths- you just have to be clever about how you do it. Read more…

That 70s Show: Retro styles, autumn colours

I’ve had somewhat of a resistance to 70s styling in the past. Not because I don’t like it- far from it- but because I don’t want to look like every other woman who shops on the High Street.

But a new season brings new designs and some looks are just too good to miss out on. Especially when they come at such a bargain price. Read more…

Lady in Red: I’m in love with these PU pants

It was with great sadness that I parted with my favourite black pleather jeans last week. They have served me well over the past few years but unfortunately became, ehem, too small for my ever-increasing butt.

Of course, I was straight on the case to find a replacement pair (or three).

Read more…

Autumn Vibes: It’s time to bring out the suede and leather

Coming from 40+ degrees in Vegas, this Scottish ‘summer’ has got me piling on the layers already.

There’s just something about autumn dressing, though. I always get excited at the prospect of gorgeous jackets, sumptuous materials and luxurious colours. Maybe the colder weather isn’t so bad after all? Read more…