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Alice’s monthly mission: September

It’s that time again, though I have to ask: how?! This year is racing by.

September has long been a time for new starts for me, as it’s when each Uni year begins. But despite having graduated a year ago, it seems I have another new start ahead. Read more…


How to have more money (and still live your life!)

Oh lawdy, January is a long month, isn’t it? My January has felt especially tough, after a move to London and surviving here on an Edinburgh pay (I do not recommend).

But the upside of being so skint is I’ve learned some great money saving tips to share with you. You can be poor and have fun, promise! Read more…

What The October No Buy Challenge Taught Me

As the first week of November draws to a close, I can proudly say I survived the October No Buy Challenge.

Apart from saving me from my overdraft, here’s what else I learned from taking a break from shopping last month. Read more…

Body Beautiful: A Documentary

This week saw National Mental Health Day, so I thought it was a good time to share my documentary, Body Beautiful, with you.

I’ve grown up seeing so many beautiful young women (and men) struggle to come to terms with who they are and how they look, so I decided to seek out some of the best body positive role models Edinburgh has to offer. Enjoy!

Shop Smarter, Look Better: How to make your money go further

I’m terrible for spending so much money on clothes, I can’t afford to go anywhere to show them off! And as happy as I am to look like a queen wandering round my flat, really there’s no point looking fabulous if no one is going to see you.

But does that mean no more shopping? Of course not! Here’s my top tips for shopping smarter and making your money go further. Read more…

Why We Need To Stop Guilting Ourselves Over Food

I am a healthy eater. Like many twenty-somethings, I have embraced the clean eating phenomenon, and carefully think about what I eat and why.

I eat lots of protein-rich foods, rarely buy a pre-made meal and drink oodles of water. Yet whenever I fall off the wagon, I’m left wracked with overwhelming guilt.

But I’ve decided that I need to stop feeling so bad about myself. And here’s why you should too.

Read more…

Let’s Talk About Modern-Day Misogyny

It’s not often I’ll write about anything extremely personal on the blog, and even more unusual for me to write something negative, but this is an issue that has been bothering me for a long time now.

You see, we live in a progressive society, and yet the every day sexism I encounter seems to be getting worse, not better. Read more…

Happy Hangovers! Healthy(ish) comfort food

Some days grilled chicken and veg just won’t cut it. But there’s only so many Dominos a gal can eat before the guilt sets in.

I’ve compiled a handy list for days when your tummy wants a treat without the over-indulgence bloat afterwards. Plus, they are all roughly 500 calories.¬†Happy hangovers! Read more…