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How We Got Our Jobs as Artists: Interview with DelvesintoHollis

Hello lovely readers, and apologies for the radio silence recently! I’ve been going through some exciting life changes recently which I’ll share with you on the blog shortly.

In the meantime, I’ve been speaking to some very interesting twenty-somethings, and I wanted to share the thoughts of Becky and Caitlin with you, the founders of creative arts project, DelvesintoHollis.

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the creative industry but weren’t sure how to get started then read on!

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How I Got My Job as a Personal Trainer: An Interview with Iona May

Health and fitness is big business right now. From avo on toast, to finally mastering the squat rack, most of us twenty-somethings are really trying to take care of our bodies (in between the pizza take aways and 3am parties, that is).

I spoke to personal trainer, Iona May, about what trends actually work, and how any future fitness buffs can turn their passion into a career. Read more…

How I Got My Job as a Singer/Songwriter: Interview with Jack Hinks

Being in a band- we all wanted to at some point, right?

While most of us swiftly realise we can’t sing, or let life get in the way of our plans of superstardom, twenty-something Jack Hinks has been making quite a name for himself in the Edinburgh music scene and beyond. Read more…

How I Got My Job as a Wedding Dress Designer: Interview with Nicole Blair

Continuing the new series of interviews with sorted twenty-somethings is Nicole Blair, a wedding dress designer who owns her own bespoke design company, Blair Designs.

Despite only being 22, Nicole has managed to transform her passion into a profitable business venture and is living her dream. I spoke to her about the design world and the joys (and perils) of being self-employed. Read more…

How I Got my Job as a Luxury Retail Merchandiser: Interview with Rachel Glennie

Something new and exciting is happening on the blog- I’m starting a new series where I speak to some sorted twenty-somethings with cool jobs to find out how they got them.

First up is Rachel Glennie, who works as a retail merchandiser for luxury clothing company, Johnstons of Elgin. Read more…