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Blogger Twenty-Something City at The Shore Leith Edinburgh

Mermaids don’t have thigh gaps: embracing my curves

We all have body hang ups. Even though I seem very self-confident on my blog with all my crazy outfits, sometimes I too struggle with the way I look.

But I’m a big believer in facing my insecurities head on. I may not have a thigh gap these days, but heck, neither do mermaids. And I am aaaaaall about the mermaid life! Read more…


Saying goodbye to London: reflecting on life in the capital

After eight months, my time in London has finally drawn to a close. It’s been an adventure (though not always plain sailing along the way).

Here’s what I’ve learned during my time in the capital. Read more…

How I’m coping with Impostor Syndrome

After years of hard work and countless sacrifices, I’ve finally been offered my dream job working as a broadcast journalist.

Taking the job should have been easy. After all, this is something I’ve worked my whole adult life towards. But accepting my new role has left me sick with anxiety. Welcome to the malicious grasp of Impostor Syndrome. Read more…

How I’ve grown my blog in 2017

This might seem like a bit of an odd time of year for this post. After all, reflection is best saved of the end of the year, right?

But I’ve recently hit a few significant blogging milestones. Last week I actually surpassed last year’s total views, despite there still being a few months left of 2017. Woohoo! Here’s what I’ve been doing to grow my following this year. Read more…

Peggy Porschen cake shop London

#MillenialPink : A trip to Peggy Porschen

It’s no secret I love colour. But pink? It’s just not something I wear.

However, a trip to the beautiful Peggy Porschen cake shop in London meant it was time to face my fears and embrace #MillenialPink.

Read more…

Alice of Twenty-Something City in star print shirt dress

Casual wear star buys: why I love shirt dresses

You know what? Most dresses on the High Street right now suck. There, I said it. Nothing feels wearable to me, and the silhouette of the moment is totally wrong for my shape.

But when I found this star print shirt dress I was instantly enamoured. It’s comfy, lightweight, and just a little bit different. Read more…

Twenty-Something City outside The Louvre

Tips for travelling solo (as told by the artwork of The Louvre)

With a full-time job, the long summer breaks of my student days feels like a lifetime ago.

Last year, I embarked on a solo trip to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam as a last celebration of my freedom (sob). Here’s my tips for travelling alone, told via some sassy statues and other artwork from The Louvre. Read more…

Studio Five UK printed t-shirt

Five independent designers you need to know about

If you’ve explored much of my blog then you’ll know I really love to support indie brands.

I’m always scouring social media to bring you the next names you’re going to want to know about. And these five? They’re going to be pretty big. Read more…