Twenty-Something City in Spinningfields Manchester year in blogging 2017

Twenty-Something City started life back in 2014 as The Shoestring Shopper. I saw other women launching fashion blogs and I thought, why can’t I too?

But the more I got into blogging, the more I realised I wanted to write about more than fashion on a budget. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a summer in New York made me realise exactly the sort of content I wanted to create: fashion, lifestyle and careers advice for other ambitious Twenty-Somethings living in a big city. And so Twenty-Something City was born.

I’ve covered Edinburgh, New York, Paris, Berlin and London on the blog, and now I’m based in Manchester.

Whether you’re a fellow blogger looking to collaborate on an outfit post or any other exciting ideas you have, or you’re a brand wanting to say hi, drop me an email at: alicecruickshank@live.co.uk