Let’s talk about novelty fashion: why kitsch is cool

Let’s talk about novelty fashion: why kitsch is cool

I have a weakness for novelty fashion. There, I said it. Anything kitsch, quirky, or otherwise OTT and I am there.

Thankfully I’m not the only one. The catwalks of the past few years have been filled with novelty accessories, slogan clothing, and wacky shoes. If you’ve ever fancied being more playful with your fashion choices then read on.

Twenty-Something City Moschino McDonalds handbag novelty fashion

Bag: eBay; Animal print top: Shein; Pinafore dress: Shein; Coat: Primark (autumn 2017)

One of my ultimate favourites was Moschino’s McDonalds-inspired collection. The red and yellow colour combo of the fast food chain is so iconic, and who doesn’t love fries?!

The sheer maximalism of Moschino (and anything by head designer Jeremy Scott) fills me with joy, so when I found this Moschino-style bag on eBay I had to snap it up!

I’ve long had a love of novelty fashion. From epic handbags, to quirky sunglasses and ankle boots with impact, I’ve built quite a collection of weird and wonderful pieces over the past few years.

Twenty-Something City nerd aviator glasses novelty jewellery

Earrings: eBay; Necklace: Minimum Mouse

For most people, rocking these crazy pieces is intimidating. I get it. So let’s start small. I live for statement earrings, especially with my short ‘do right now. eBay is a treasure trove for these: search for any item your heart desires (lipstick, palm tree, wine bottle, gummy bear etc.) and I promise you’ll find it made into earrings.

My other go-to for finding novelty fashion pieces is Etsy. There are so many small designers doing amazing things using laser cutting or enamel.

Twenty-Something City Moschino McDonalds handbag novelty fashion

This was definitely an outfit built around my accessories rather than the other way round, which is part of the fun of quirky pieces like this. Why shouldn’t your handbag be the most important part of your outfit, rather than an afterthought?

Is novelty fashion daft? Yes. But that’s the point. There’s a playfulness to these kitsch items that is so refreshing in the adult world of bills, work stress, and other everyday drudgery. Novelty items are a chance for you to nod to your inner child. What’s not to love about that?

Twenty-Something City novelty fashion

More than anything, novelty fashion provides an opportunity to showcase your personality. Your choices reveal a lot about your passions in life and allow what’s on the inside to be visible on the outside (can you tell I was hungry when I shot this?). Fashion is all about self-expression, and novelty items are the perfect way to do this in style.

Keep it quirky guys and gals!



I was gifted the dress and top in this post. However, all thoughts are my own.