Athleisure: how to wear the sports luxe trend

Athleisure: how to wear the sports luxe trend

It’s not often I admit I’m wrong. But readers: I was wrong about athleisure.

Yes, I’ve written many times that sports luxe is a trend I will just not get behind. I’ve always argued sweatpants belong in the gym and nowhere else. But, er, they are actually really comfy. And who doesn’t like to be comfy?

The truth is, the athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere. And with brands like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing running sports-fashion collaborations with the likes of designer Karl Kani and Pepsi, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the big labels.

So how did the anomaly of me embracing sports luxe come about? Well, as I spent more time working from home I realised that my comfy clothes offerings were limited to say the least. And so I set about buying my first ever tracksuits since I was about nine years old. Do I regret it? No. No I do not.

Now obviously to get me in sweatpants they couldn’t just be any old sweatpants, and as soon as I saw the sequin star embellishment on these trousers from Boohoo I was sold. That’s the thing about ‘sports luxe’: there’s got to be a bit of luxe in there. Sorry people, your old paint-stained nylon Adidas track pants are not going to be appearing in any fashion editorials any time soon.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears athleisure sports luxe trend

So what is sports luxe, or athleisure, exactly?

This trend is about merging comfort and style; practicality with glamour. Think less 00’s style rhinestoned, velour tracksuits as made popular by Juicy Couture, and more edgy London street style blended with Scandi cool. Still sound like a lot of fashionista buzzwords? Let’s break it down.

You could opt for tie-waist trousers in a luxe fabric, or wear a sports bra as a top. Sports-luxe could also be wearing trainers with a skirt, or rocking a hoodie as a dress. Basically, if Little Mix would wear it then you’re sorted.

The ultimate sports-luxe must-have? A bomber jacket. As you can see from my silk, leopard print number, a bomber doesn’t have to be boring.

But let’s stop being slaves to fashion trends for a second. Let’s focus on what feels good to wear. Man, wearing athleisure feels good! #lazygirlvibes #sorrynotsorry

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears athleisure sports luxe trend

How to rock the sports-luxe trend (a cheat sheet):

  • Balance yo’ silhouette – Team an oversized sweatshirt with fitted trousers, or vice versa to avoid looking overly 90s hip-hop. Unless that’s your thing. You do you.
  • It’s all in the details – Whether that be sports tapering on jeans, or sequin trainers, look for something a little ‘extra’ to keep your look more fashionista than sweaty gym goer.
  • Rock a two piece – The High Street is packed with cute sports tops and bottoms sets. I love my little tracksuits as they are an instant outfit. Plus, ya know, comfy!
  • Focus on fabrics – Look for silk, bold prints or other luxurious touches to make your athleisure ensemble high end.
  • Girl bands got your back – Take inspiration from your favourite girl groups, like Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girl’s Sporty Spice, or any female in the UK Top 40 right now tbh.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears athleisure sports luxe trend

See, sports luxe is easy peasy! I may or may not currently be sat in my favourite new tracksuit…

What are your thoughts on athleisure? A total win for women who crave comfort everywhere, or a fashion fail?

I’d love to read about your favourite trends right now in the comments below,