What to wear to a summer wedding in the UK

What to wear to a summer wedding in the UK

Being invited to a wedding is a great feeling… until you realise you need to find something to wear. Unfortunately, weddings tend to be a bit like buses: once you enter the ‘wedding season’ of your life, you can bet there will be several in quick succession.

Finding a wedding guest outfit for not one, but maybe two, three or even more weddings in a year is stressful for even the most savvy fashionista. If you’ve been invited to a wedding (or six) this summer, I have some outfit ideas to help.

what to wear to summer wedding floral bardot dress

To print or not to print? That is the question

The ultimate summer wedding look usually revolves around floral print. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of a flowery pattern buuuut it does have a time and a place. If you have a summer holiday planned then you’re really laughing: a floral dress will take you from dinner on the Costa Del Somewhere to a summer wedding with ease.

There are some gorgeous floral prints on the High Street right now. I instantly fell in love with the orange and yellow print of this off the shoulder number (I have a problem with orange clothing, OK?). The palm print on this dress is perfect for a summer wedding or formal event, but if you want to get more wear out of your dress then try to find a slightly more season- neutral floral pattern. Something like a grey base colour or burgundy flowers will see you through to autumn too.

what to wear to summer wedding purple strapless jumpsuit

So you’ve asked the question: ‘to print or not to print’ and you’ve decided not to go for a patterned fabric. Fair dos. In my opinion the antithesis to this is some serious colour blocking. Yes, I know I always opt for bright colours (wear the rainbow, y’all) but hear me out: it’s summer and it’s a celebration. Now is not the time to be drab.

A lot of us tend to opt for neutral or dark colours because we don’t want to stand out, or because we think these shades are slimming. Trust me: a gorgeous, bold bright outfit is a lot more flattering than a beige number. And dark colours are not  more slimming. That’s a myth. Neither should you be afraid of the aforementioned printed fabric if you’re a larger lady. Stop trying to hide your body and wear something you love!

If you’re lucky enough to rock a tan or have olive skin then a rich coral or even hot pink colour will look uhmaaazing on you. With my pale skin I like to wear jewel tones– ruby red, emerald green, cobalt blue and royal purple. If you’re a real trend setter then yellow is the ‘it’ colour of 2018.

what to wear to summer wedding floral bardot body con dress

What style of dress should you wear to a wedding?

So you have decided if you’re going for bold or colour blocking it. What about the cut? As much as I love to wear something a lil’ ‘out there’, a wedding is a good time to rein it in. Not to look boring, you understand. But when you look back at photos of your friend’s wedding day in a few years, will you really be glad you wore that asymmetric sleeved, puff-ball, spotty neon pink dress? OK, no one would be glad to wear that hypothetical monstrosity but still.

A classic style will never go wrong for a wedding guest outfit. Think knee-length and either a pencil skirt shape or a full, skater skirt. If you’re a bit self-conscious about your legs then a calf length midi skirt is so in fashion daaarling. Maxi dresses can also be a good option for a wedding, but be careful: avoid anything too summery and casual as you’ll appear more beach holiday than wedding of the century, and with anything too formal you’ll risk looking like an extra bridesmaid.

what to wear to summer wedding floral body con off the shoulder bardot vintage pencil dress

When it comes to necklines, something off-the-shoulder is very trendy right now and perfect for a summer wedding! I think this style can be really flattering. A women’s décolletage (that’s the upper chest area to you and me) stores very little fat, so this is a feminine, delicate area to showcase.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m not a fan of my upper arms. For some reason they are one of the squishiest parts of me, always have been. That’s where these lovely floaty sleeves come in. An off-the-shoulder sleeve will conceal your bingo wing hangups and looks really feminine too. Plus flamenco sleeves always remind me of the dancing lady emoji. Who doesn’t want to look like the dancing lady emoji?!

what to wear to summer wedding wide leg purple jumpsuit

And now for something completely different: a jumpsuit

Remember my word of caution about wearing a maxi dress? Well, I have the perfect solution: a jumpsuit. I am a little bit obsessed with jumpsuits – they are just such an easy outfit solution! You don’t have to spend a fortune either to look really smart: this purple number cost me £15. FIFTEEN FREAKING POUNDS!

Personally I like simple jumpsuits as they can be dressed up or down, making them a great investment. The only downside is sometimes jumpsuits can be a bit of a pain getting in and out of. I like that this one has a simple pull on design, so even after a glass of bubbly too many *angel face* I’ll be able to make it to the loo.

If a jumpsuit still feels a bit too girly for you then you’re in luck: trouser suits are having a MOMENT right now. There are so many gorgeous two pieces on the high street, in a smorgasbord of prints, fabrics and colours.

And finally… accessories

what to wear to summer wedding purple wide leg smart jumpsuit

My absolutely favourite thing about summer weddings (apart from the wedding cake, obvs) is that the warmer weather means you can wear sandal-style heels. Personally I find these much more comfortable than closed toe styles. A chunky heeled sandal should be comfy enough to see you through into the wedding reception.

As for the rest? Well, a classic clutch bag is always a win, and tassel earrings are really in fashion right now. Personally, I prefer to keep jewellery and other accessories to a minimum.

Do you have any weddings to attend this summer? I’d love to read about what you’re planning to wear in the comments below.