Spring is here: new trends for new beginnings

Spring is here: new trends for new beginnings

I think it’s fair to say spring has definitely sprung. Halle-freaking-lujah! I’ve always preferred spring to winter, but this year I’m particularly excited. That’s because spring is a time for new beginnings.

I’ve had some fun with my winter fashion, from embracing boho style to allll the faux fur, but now I’m looking forward to enjoying (more) colour as the sun comes out.

Am I the only one who thinks the year doesn’t properly begin until April? When I think of my favourite memories they all fall from spring into summer, with good times around Halloween and Christmas too. But January and February? Pfft, the less said about them the better. And March? Nothing to report.

Blogger Twenty-Something City Boohoo spring style

One of the things I love the most about this time of year is the feeling of possibility. Plans just seem to materialise. A spontaneous lunch with a friend often turns into evening drinks, or a day expected to be spent on the sofa turns out as an opportunity to go out exploring.

That’s why in spring I like to style outfits that can go from day to night, like this bodysuit and trouser combo from Boohoo. The ‘jeans and a nice top’ of yesterday have definitely transformed into a bodysuit and tailored trousers: it’s just one of those surefire looks that’s always a winner.

To me, this outfit covers all bases. I feel I could equally wear this to a work meeting as I could to a meal with my family or drinks with friends.

Blogger Twenty-Something City Boohoo spring style

So let’s take a minute to talk trends. It’s impossible to miss the rainbow of colours currently gracing the High Street. After complaining about the sea of drab shades over the past few months I am deeelighted about this. Bright trousers are the perfect way to cash in on the colourful trend if you’re not confident in doing so. Keep the rest of your palette neutral – such as black, like I’ve gone for here- for a simple yet put together outfit.

Of course, I’ve never been one to keep things simple. Statement earrings continue to be massive (literally) this season and I love this mismatched pair. One of the reasons I’m such a fan of the big earring trend is that it’s an affordable way to update your look – I think I picked up this pair for around four quid on eBay!

Blogger Twenty-Something City Boohoo spring style

Winter has been a tough time for me, often more than I’ve let on. Heck, the dull skies and freezing temperatures are enough to dampen anyone’s mood and that certainly hasn’t helped. But with the new season I’m starting to feel a new lease of life, and I’m excited to wear my colourful wardrobe and, more importantly, to have reasons to wear it.

Here’s some of the things I’m most excited for in spring and summer –

  • Day time drinking – this is my ultimate fave. Partly because I’m an old lady and can’t hack all nighters any more! But seriously, how nice is it to enjoy a cocktail, gin or ice cold cider in the sunshine?
  • Wearing sandals – I recently purchased the BEST sandals that I’m excited to share with you. I’ll whip them out any day it’s over 15 degrees. Any excuse to wear warmer weather clothing is exciting really, such as denim jackets and short sleeve tops. On that note…
  • Bare legs – As a blogger I’ve had far too many shoots recently where I’ve been bloody freezing. It’ll be nice to take some photos where my teeth aren’t chattering from the cold. Simple pleasures.

Blogger Twenty-Something City Boohoo spring style

Whether you’ve got big life plans, are looking forward to a special event or even just the longer days, spring offers new beginnings and opportunities for all of us.

What are you most excited about for spring? I’d love to read your stories in the comments below!

I was gifted the bodysuit and trousers in this post. However, all views are my own.

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