Seven twenty-something bloggers you should follow

Seven twenty-something bloggers you should follow

It’s awards nomination season in the blogging world, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce you to some of my favourite influencers. While awards are great, it feels to me that the same set of bigger bloggers always get the recognition, while some of the most creative, hard-working and lovely bloggers I know get overlooked.

Here are seven of my favourite twenty-something bloggers that I think you’ll love. They are all stylish, ambitious and honest – three of my favourite qualities.

Hello Miss Jordan

Jordan has THE most stunning Instagram I’ve ever seen! Every shot is a piece of art, and I love her princess-inspired style. As well as her gorgeous outfits, Jordan is a travel-o-holic. If you’re after the perfect Insta-location on your next trip, chances are Jordan will already have featured it on her blog.


Imogen Rose

Imogen is one of the stylish ladies I know. I adore her individuality! However, Imogen uses her blog as a platform for more than sharing her top shopping pics: she’s a passionate endometriosis warrior, and also shares her cruelty-free beauty finds.


Just Emmi

Emmi is one of the most driven bloggers I know, and you’ll find regular updates on her blog. Emmi is a quintessential lifestyle blogger: she shares her top coffee shop finds and favourite Netflix shows, plus blogging-related posts. She also covers most sensitive subjects with full honesty, including her weight loss struggles and relationship advice.


I Dream of Clothes

In case you can’t tell I LIVE for colour, as does Christina Jane from I Dream of Clothes. Her wardrobe really is a dream, with rainbow shades and funky accessories. I’d love for more people to discover her style!



Ruth is a seriously cool chic, but still #totesrelatable. Her blog focuses on sustainability and ethical fashion, but you’ll also find her jetting off to New York or London and sharing the lowdown on the latest trends. Ruth is one of the most ambitious young women I know and I always feel inspired following her latest projects and adventures!


Wardrobe Conversations

I know Helen and Kimberly from the Scottish blogging scene and I’ve always been amazed by their extreme creativity. I love bloggers who don’t worry about being ultra chic, but see fashion as fun instead. From Stranger Things to killer clowns, every look is inspired – plus, those specs are to die for!


The Scientific Beauty

Sophie is as smart as she is stylish, and I love the factual approach she takes to her blog. Working as a scientist by day, Sophie analyses the latest beauty trends to determine which products really work. Her Instagram is also a chic Chanel and Dior-inspired affair.

Which bloggers and Instagrammers do you think I should be following?