Finding time for things that matter

Finding time for things that matter

Time. We never have enough of it. We’re always rushing around, trying to do a million things at once. But does any of it matter? Jord Wood Watches sent me this beautiful dark sandalwood timepiece, and it got me thinking about why I always struggle to find time for the things that really matter to me.

From constantly checking emails in the evenings and weekends, to avoiding socialising because I ‘should’ be doing more productive things instead, I’m terrible for letting work take priority and forgetting about what should be focusing on – friends and family, taking time to enjoy myself, and getting plenty of rest.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Jord Wood Watch 3
Watch: Jord Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Emerald; Coat: Burberry; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Of course, for me to agree to wear a watch it had to be something special. I was instantly a big fan of Jord’s unique watches. The fact they are made of wood (#vegan yo!) and that this one has a gorgeous emerald-toned face had me sold. They have a wide array of women’s watches as well as men’s watches.

‘But what does wearing a watch have to do with finding what matters?’, I hear you cry. Well, for me a lot actually.

I haven’t worn a watch regularly in years. Like most people, I rely on my phone to check the time. But the problem with this is I end up caught up in my notifications, or fretting over the fact someone hasn’t text me back. As I’ve come to realise, life is too short for that! Here are my tips finding time for what you really care about:

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Jord wood watch in Manchester city centre

Block out time in your diary
If you’re really bad at finding ‘me time’, then make it part of your schedule! Whether that be an hour on a Saturday morning to catch up on your favourite blog posts, or setting a strict ‘lights off’ time each night, making these moments part of your routine can make a huge difference to your health and happiness.

Prioritise your hobbies
Let’s be honest – as an adult we’re terrible for letting the things we love take the back seat to our careers but it’s so important not to forget your passions. If your sports club meets every Thursday, then prioritise making it to the club. If your hobby is playing the guitar, then allow yourself time each week to play. It’s not wasted time if it makes you happy!

Put. The. Phone. Down.
Seriously. I’ve realised so much of my stress comes from my phone. So I’ve decided that I’ll stop reaching for it instinctively, and try and appreciate what’s around me instead. Enjoy spending time with your real friends; don’t worry about what the others are doing on social media. Take time to enjoy the little moments in life, rather than feeling the need to Snapchat every second. And when you need to know the time? Check your watch rather than your phone.

Blogger Twenty-Something City Jord wood watch dark sandalwood and emerald

How do you balance your time to fit in the things that matter to you? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

I was gifted the watch in this post, however all views are my own.

Outfit photos taken by the lovely Maxine from The Maxine Diaries.

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