Five reasons you should be your own Valentine this year

Five reasons you should be your own Valentine this year

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! For over a month now I’ve been confronted by love memorabilia, which got me thinking: is Valentine’s Day really a big deal?

Do we need an other half every February?  In 2016, Catholic priests even created a prayer for single people on Valentine’s Day. Rude. I think this day of love would be much better spent on ourselves than someone else.

I should point out, I’m not a bitter singleton; I’m actually really romantic. One year I hand illustrated a whole book of reasons why I loved my ex. That’s what love is – not a Hallmark card and some overpriced jewellery.

If you needed any more reasons why I think Valentine’s Day is better spent on you, here’s five:

Blogger Twenty-Something City Valentine's outfit with Boohoo red boots at Central Library Manchester
Jacket: Primark (similar here); trousers: Boohoo; jumper: eBay (similar here); Boots: Boohoo; beret: Primark

‘Valentine’s Day’ is a commercial holiday – save your money
Apparently, £262 million is spent on flowers for Valentine’s Day in the UK. Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s recently got in trouble for charging men more for V-Day cards then women. When you love someone, do you really want to spend literally a fortune on something that will die (sorry florists!) or help boost a big corporation’s quarterly profit?

Even if you’re more the weekend away type, the price is ridiculously inflated over Valentine’s. Save your money and celebrate at another date. Or if you are single, think of all the pennies you’re saving that can go towards something special for you.


Blogger Twenty-Something City Valentine's outfit with red boots at Central Library Manchester

You can focus on who you really love
Having a Valentine – that’s the goal, isn’t it? Getting to post snaps from your weekend away or captioning your Instagram snap of your new diamond necklace with the hashtag #blessed.

While romantic love and being spoiled is great and all, I know there’s plenty of people who mean more to me than any romance. Take time to tell your mum she’s the best, and celebrate your friends.


Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing red boots and leather mac for Valentine's Day in Manchester

You can celebrate love your way
Does a cheap card and some heart-shaped chocolate really float your boat? Be your own Valentine and make the day about what you want. If you want to binge watch romcoms, so be it. If you’d rather go out for cocktails with your gal pals then go for it. If you couldn’t care less and don’t intend to do a thing? That’s cool.


Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing pvc leather mac and red boots for Valentine's Day in Manchester

Self care is the best care
Have a bath, eat your favourite ready meal, put on that film on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch for ages. A whole day dedicated to love, when is better to treat Number One, right? You’re a strong, independent woman – you don’t need anyone else to treat you!


Blogger Twenty-Something City wearing red boots for Valentine's Day outfit outside Midland Hotel Manchester

If you don’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else?
Can I get an amen? Mama Ru knows her stuff – it’s so important to prioritise your own self-worth and happiness. Avoid the temptation to do any crazy Tinder swiping, and definitely don’t wallow over your exes. Work on your body confidence, your career goals, and put yourself first this February.

Have a fab V-day, lovelies!