Five ways to beat the January blues

Five ways to beat the January blues

January can be tough. All the fun of the festivities seems like a distant memory, yet the countdown to anything else fun -holidays, music festivals, longer days- seems so long. Today is actually known as Blue Monday: the most depressing day of the year. Sigh!

So you’re fed up of sitting at home thanks to your pledge of Dry January (or you’re feeling guilty because you’ve fallen off the wagon already), your inbox still hasn’t cleared since Christmas and anything even vaguely enjoyable is too expensive right now. But don’t let it get you down! Here are my tips for beating the January Blues.

Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Shein Cape and red beret in Manchester
Cape: Shein; Dress (just seen): Shein; Beret: Primark; Soap bag as clutch: Boots

Get your ass out of bed
The best thing you can do to stick two fingers up to January is to go out there and smash it. I know that when it’s still dark outside, getting out of bed can feel like a chore. But set your alarm and go do something – whether that be going to a gym class, meeting a friend for coffee, or even just scheduling in time to give your room a good clear out. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better for being productive than spending the whole day in bed.


Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Green pearl Shein dress and red beret

Eat something good
And not just cheesy good (though GOD cheese is amazing). I mean actually nutritionally good. Everyone needs treat days, but it’s easy in winter to use food as a comfort blanket. As I’ve spent an increasing amount of time getting to know myself and my body, I’ve realised that lots of indulgent foods leave me feeling crappy. But eating well doesn’t mean living on lettuce – ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! Personally I love making warming curries and hearty soups, and I use bloggers like Minimalist Baker for inspiration.


Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Shein cape coat and red beret in Manchester

Get social
If you’re feeling pants in January, I guarantee you’re friends will be feeling a bit down too. There are loads of things you can do together that won’t cost the earth. Why not throw a pot luck party, or make your own pizzas? Now is also the time to start making plans for the rest of the year. Meet up with your diaries and make 2018 a year to remember, gals!


Blogger Twenty-Something City wears green pearl Shein dress and red beret in Manchester

Take time for self care
I love a good face mask and hair mask session. It’s important to look after yourself, especially when you’re feeling down. Self care to me means getting plenty of sleep, and not scrimping on the moisturiser. To you, it might mean a weekly bubble bath or making time for a run each morning (rather you than me, hun). Instead of focusing on all the things you’re missing out on in January, take time to appreciate the things that make you happy and enjoy them.


Blogger Twenty-Something City wears Shein cape coat and red beret in Manchester

Remember it’s only January
I know a lot of my apprehensions at this time of year stem from the fact I want to crack on and achieve my 2018 goals, like today. But life doesn’t work like that. As my mum would say, “just do your best”, but accept you can’t change your whole life in the space of a month.  Slow and steady wins the race, and feeling blue in January doesn’t mean the next eleven months won’t be amazing.

If all else fails, remember you’re halfway through January already. You’ve got this!

I was gifted the cape in this post. However, all views are my own.