Blogosphere Christmas Festival 2017

Blogosphere Christmas Festival 2017

Yesterday I was up at 6am to catch a train to London to attend the Blogosphere Christmas Festival 2017. I’m no stranger to blog events, and I love a trip to London, but this was the first time I’d been involved with anything with Blogosphere so I was pretty excited.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Blogosphere is a magazine written by bloggers for bloggers. I’d become aware of it from my time working in influencer management (yes, one of the 15 million roles I’ve had over the past year) so I was looking forward to discovering what the team had in store for us.

Twenty-Something City Blogosphere Christmas Festival 2017

The Christmas Festival was held in Shoreditch, one of the coolest areas in London doncha know?! The Tab Centre wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but the small space created an intimate atmosphere.

I arrived at 10:30, and I was surprised how many bloggers were already there! It always amazes me just how many bloggers there are in the UK. No matter what event I go to there’s always new people to meet. I didn’t really know anyone at this event, except my friend Farah from my Edinburgh blogging days. It’s a small world!

Twenty-Something City blogger panel Blogosphere Christmas Festival

The main appeal of the Blogosphere Christmas Festival for me was the blogger panels. I love hearing how influencers I admire have grown their personal brand. First up was a discussion on how to share your personal style with the world, featuring Instagrammer Leopard Print Elephant (one of my long-time faves!), Nerd About Town, Paige Joanna and Just A Uniform – my new style icon.

This is a topic which is very dear to me. As my blog has grown I’ve become much more comfortable wearing bold outfits, both on my blog and in real life. I loved hearing what these style icons had to say on the subject.

Twenty-Something City blogger panel Blogosphere Christmas Festival 2017

Another panel discussion I really enjoyed was on finding your authentic voice online. I wasn’t familiar with panelists Brogan Tate, Vix Meldrew, I AM FOXXTAILZ and Unlikely Dad. However, I thought they were great and offered a really diverse panel, and I agreed with everything they had to say. At a time when everyone and their granny is a blogger (literally) I do think it’s so important to remain true to yourself and remember why you first started blogging: something these panelists encapsulated perfectly.

The most important thing about the panel discussions for me was that the bloggers were really relatable. Some mega bloggers out there seem out of touch with where they came from, but the panelists at the Blogosphere Christmas Festival were such a friendly, hardworking bunch and a real inspiration!

Twenty-Something City Deliciously Ella meal at Blogosphere Christmas Festival

Food for the day was provided by Deliciously Ella, one of the original health food bloggers. She wasn’t there though, soz. I wasn’t convinced initially by the healthy selection (I came here for TREATS, damn it!) but this nut roast with Brussel sprouts and sweet potato was delicious. I loved the festive feel. Yum yum.

We also enjoyed cans of Most Wanted Pino Gregio which only added to the Christmas spirit. Yay for wine!

Twenty-Something City So body sprays at Blogosphere Christmas Festival

Also at the event were a selection of brands offering exclusive Christmas gifts to purchase. I think this was the weakest element of the Blogosphere Christmas Festival for me. I just didn’t ‘get’ it. Maybe it’s because the products didn’t especially appeal to me. As is often the case at these events they were beauty themed.

I also think it was quite tricky to network properly and get to know other bloggers. I’d have loved some sort of ice breaker or small group seminars to make the day even more enjoyable.

Were you at the Blogosphere Christmas Festival? Say hello down in the comments and link me to any posts you’ve written of the event.

Bloggers: keep being awesome,