Mermaids don’t have thigh gaps: embracing my curves

Mermaids don’t have thigh gaps: embracing my curves

We all have body hang ups. Even though I seem very self-confident on my blog with all my crazy outfits, sometimes I too struggle with the way I look.

But I’m a big believer in facing my insecurities head on. I may not have a thigh gap these days, but heck, neither do mermaids. And I am aaaaaall about the mermaid life!

20991436_465823780469761_1785835945_o.jpgSkirt: Marks and Spencer; T-shirt: Little Lies; Boots: Pretty Little Thing; Bag: eBay

It is hard sometimes, accepting that I’m no longer a tiny size six with twiglet legs. I know deep down that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my figure, but my adult body is certainly different from my teenage years.

We all grow up; our bodies change and adapt as that is what is meant to happen. Instead of focusing on my cellulite (damn you, cellulite!) I’m trying to see value in how strong my legs are and how shapely my body is.


My body has seen me through a lot so far in my 23 years, and I’m proud of it. And I’m proud of me for deciding to enjoy my life instead of counting every calorie; for focusing on being well rather than skinny.

My love of fashion definitely helps me to love my body. I’ve come to realise that people don’t follow my blog because of my ‘perfect’ look or photos, but because I am not afraid to share my own unique style.

Speaking of unique style, how much of a gem is this orange midi skirt by Marks and Spencer?! Yes, you read that right – good old M&S have pulled a blinder with this one. I’ve never felt more like a mermaid. Ariel would be proud.

Skirts like this really help with my body confidence. Back in the day I exclusively wore mini skirts and shorts to highlight my skinny pins, but instead this beauty accentuates my fuller hips (and squishy bum!)

This skirt might seem like a bit of a one hit wonder, but I actually have several looks in mind to show it off. The only thing I love more than a beautiful piece of clothing is a beautiful and versatile piece of clothing!

Metallic mermaid shell bag

Of course, I needed the ultimate mermaid accessory to finish my Ariel-inspired look: a seashell bag. I picked up this one for next to nothing on eBay, after lusting after the Skinnydip bags for ages (but not being able to justify 30 quid on such a novelty item, cry).

Can I fit anything in this bag? Not really. Does it matter? Not one bit. Sometimes we need to treat ourself to impractical little things if they make us feel good.


If you have down days about your body, then trust me – I get you. But never forget what you’re capable of, as well as all the things that make you unique.

Be bold, be confident, but more importantly, be you.



These photos were taken at the beautiful Shore in Leith, Edinburgh. I definitely recommend a visit if you can!