Saying goodbye to London: reflecting on life in the capital

Saying goodbye to London: reflecting on life in the capital

After eight months, my time in London has finally drawn to a close. It’s been an adventure (though not always plain sailing along the way).

Here’s what I’ve learned during my time in the capital.

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Dress: House of CB

London has been the launching pad of my career. I didn’t move here to do the job of my dreams, but a great job I’ve enjoyed nonetheless. I’ve been quite lucky in that my workplace wasn’t at crazy London-tempo, and instead I was given lots of opportunities to try new things I wanted to do.

I’ve learned how to cope with the 9-5 lifestyle (not as easy as you’d assume!), how to manage my time and the art of crafting emails. I’ve also got to do some more exciting things as well, such as working on Facebook Lives and food shoots. I’ve been so lucky to work with amazing creative people who have made my job really enjoyable.

I suppose the most surprising thing I’ve gained from my job (working at Mumsnet) is an immense appreciation of mums. I take my hat off to those who manage to juggle work and family. Women are incredible, aren’t they?

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Moving to London has been a brilliant opportunity for my blog too. As I touched on in this post, I’ve had a chance to collaborate with some brilliant photographers and explore the amazing photography backdrops that London has to offer. But more importantly, I’ve gained the confidence to be myself; to wear the crazy outfits, and to pose for photos in public.

While I haven’t been involved in many physical events and meet ups for bloggers during my time here (where are you hiding, London blogger people?!) I have felt very involved in the Instagram community. I’ve also gained confidence in positioning myself as an influencer, and introducing myself as such. I’m excited for future opportunities to flash my pretty new business cards!

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Of course, my time in London hasn’t been all work and no play. I’ve had some crazy experiences, too. My favourites have to be-

  • Living in Dalston – it’s a fab area!
  • Going to a vinyl funk rave inside a brewery
  • Taking in the street style at London Fashion Week
  • Going to a hidden nightclub… on the end of my street
  • Visiting Hipchips, a crisp cafe (yes, really)
  • Going to Ballie Ballerson, an adult ball-pit complete with space-themed cocktails
  • Taking a booze cruise down the Thames and watching the sun set over London
  • Working with my video team at a special film screening… for The Smurfs
  • Clubbing at the legendary gay nightclub Heaven
  • Picking up the amazing dress featured in this post at a charity celebrity sale – it belonged to Countdown’s Rachel Riley, don’t cha know?
  • Attending amazing events at YouTube HQ, like their Pride Party
  • Eating the most incredible vegan kebab at Boxpark, Shoreditch
  • Paying £12 for a G&T at a posh Kensington rooftop bar (OK, maybe that wasn’t so fun. My poor wallet!)
  • Visiting the famous Peggy Porschen cake shop
  • Meeting incredible musicians, photographers, fashion people, Girl Bosses and, most importantly, friends for life

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London, it’s been a blast. No doubt I’ll be back before too long.

Here’s to the next adventure and making new memories!