Alice’s monthly mission: September

Alice’s monthly mission: September

It’s that time again, though I have to ask: how?! This year is racing by.

September has long been a time for new starts for me, as it’s when each Uni year begins. But despite having graduated a year ago, it seems I have another new start ahead.

*Drum roll* I’m moving to Manchester! That’s right – while my time in London may have been short and sweet, it’s time for me to take on a new challenge.

So this moving thing is kind of getting a bit boring now. I can confidently say I am so OVER packing up my whole life and starting everything again. But needs must, so this month I’m challenging myself to adapt to another new city.

I really did plan ahead when I chose the blog name Twenty-Something City, didn’t I?


Here’s what I’m going to do to adapt to life up north-

Wander often
I only like going places if I have a reason to be there. I’m not one for a leisurely stroll or visiting somewhere ‘just because’. But I’m going to to really try and explore the city as much as possible. I need to know the area well for my new job, and taking time to walk around will really help.

Go with the flow
Alice does not do ‘chill’. But this month I’m really going to push myself to go with the flow. That means saying yes to social events instead of worrying about whether I’ve made my lunch for the next day or how many times I’ve been to the gym that week. Normal service can resume once I’m finally settled. 

Turn to social media
A new city means another attempt at making new friends *sigh*. I’m planning on using social media to its full potential to join local groups and meet ups, chat to potential new friends, and find cool events that will both help me meet people and explore Manchester.

What are you doing for yourself this month?