Peggy Porschen cake shop London

#MillenialPink : A trip to Peggy Porschen

It’s no secret I love colour. But pink? It’s just not something I wear.

However, a trip to the beautiful Peggy Porschen cake shop in London meant it was time to face my fears and embrace #MillenialPink.

Dress: Zara; Boots: Public Desire; Necklace: eBay; Bag: Accessorize; Bracelet: Accessorize

Millenial pink is a big ‘thing’ right now. According to The Guardian (so this must be legit) the exact colour is a “sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon”. Make sense?

If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson, then this is probably the colour for you. I couldn’t find the dress on the Zara website to link for you, but I have seen it in the sale section of a few stores. Go go go!


I don’t have an issue with Millenial pink per se, but I’m still not convinced it’s me. Orange and pink can be a cool combination, but this is a colour I’m wary of because of my hair. However, I am a big believer of never saying no to an outfit, and breaking all the style rules. If nothing else, I did feel very pretty!


Now these boots definitely deserve a shout out. I’ve been waiting my whole life (OK, about six months but who’s counting?) for the perfect skin coloured sock boots. I really like this style of shoe, but with my stumpy wee legs black ones can cut me off a little bit.

These boots, however, really do have a leg-lengthening effect. I am also in love with the contrast gold heels. C’est tres chic!


Now let’s get on to Peggy Porschen. This tiny little cake shop in a quiet area of Kensington is somewhat of an Instagram icon. With it’s beautiful floral doorway, picture-perfect cakes and, of course, the Millenial pink exterior it’s easy to see why fashionistas are flocking here.

I was actually really impressed with the quality of the cake here. When somewhere has a cult following like this, it would be easy to compromise on quality, but the cake really was delightful!


A word of warning: Peggy Porschen is always busy. We went on a weekday evening and were given a table within ten minutes. Definitely go early or go late if you’re after your own Instagram shots/ enormous slab of cake.

Now go and embrace your style fears (and reward yourself with cake!)


Photos by Alice Greenfield Photography



  1. In love with the look. You look amazing as always !!!

    Farahfaz -

  2. I love Public Desire’s boots this season, and these look amazing with your outfit! Also, if that dress was available in Black, I’d be all over it in an instant xx

    1. I do love Public Desire! Agree this dress would be killer in black – I reckon you’ll find similar on Boohoo or New Look xx

  3. You look amazing – this colour really suits you and your hair! I’m in love with this whole outfit, especially those boots!
    Emily xx

    1. Thanks Emily! The boots are my favourite right now for sure xx

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