Casual wear star buys: why I love shirt dresses

Casual wear star buys: why I love shirt dresses

You know what? Most dresses on the High Street right now suck. There, I said it. Nothing feels wearable to me, and the silhouette of the moment is totally wrong for my shape.

But when I found this star print shirt dress I was instantly enamoured. It’s comfy, lightweight, and just a little bit different.

Dress:; Boots: Pretty Little Thing; Bag: Zara; Cuff: Boohoo

So the main thing I neglected to mention about this dress is that it cost me £5. Yep, a fiver. I picked it up from The fashion credentials of some of the stuff on the site is, er, questionable, but recently there have been some absolutely fabulous and on-trend pieces. All the stock is High Street cast offs, so you might find an old Topshop bargain or two!

If you hadn’t noticed already, I am a big fan of star print. It has a real Ziggy Stardust/ 70s rock diva feel which I am all over. I like the way these bold black stars add a contemporary twist to a classic striped shirt dress.


And shirt dresses really are a classic wardrobe must-have. They nail that tricky ‘smart/casual’ dilemma and can be styled in different ways. Come autumn, I’ll be pairing mine with knee-high burgundy leather boots, cosy tights and a mustard biker jacket.

I’ve been after the ultimate shirt dress for some time. Often, I feel they swamp my petite frame, but the length of this one feels just right.

Star print cowboy western boots from Pretty Little Thing

Now a shout out HAS to go to these amazing boots from Pretty Little Thing (how does one take a non-awkward photo of shoes? Answers on a postcard please!). They are carrying on the star theme nicely, plus they are SPARKLY. Ooooh.

I have a weakness for good ankle boots (mainly because I can’t get most other types of shoes to stay on my feet but that’s another story). Ankle boots are having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now, so it’s easy to find pretty boots that are also easy to walk in. Result!


I struggle to put together comfy, casual looks (which I also wrote about in my mission¬†to find the right bomber jacket) but with this outfit I don’t feel like I’m compromising my unique dress sense.

What casual looks are you living out of right now? I’d love if you shared your latest finds with me in the comments below!