How to find your own style: reflecting on my fashion choices

How to find your own style: reflecting on my fashion choices

This month I’ve had so many compliments on my outfits, both in person and online.  I’m always super flattered when people rate my style, yet equally I feel surprised that they find my look so ‘out there’. After all, I’m just being me.

But I’ve realised that for many people, finding the confidence to dress how they want is not easy. Here are my tips for finding what works for you (as well as some of my favourite looks to date).

Look for inspiration everywhereAlice5From old movie stars, to musicians and up-and-coming designers, I see fashion inspiration everywhere.  Look out for people whose style excites you, and try adding a touch of them to your outfit. So if you’re a huge fan of everything 1960s, try a beehive hairdo to really shake up a contemporary look. Or if your favourite band if Haim, emulate the band’s incredible boho style with some eclectic jewellery.


There’s more to fashion than the High Streetimg_2265Just because you don’t love what the High Street has to offer right now doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. This is where vintage fashion really comes into its own. Exploring your town’s vintage and charity shops can result in some wardrobe gems without breaking the bank. Personally, I love scouting for independent brands on Instagram – you’ll find some of my recent favourites here and here.


There’s nothing wrong with being casualIMG_9649With a world of Instagram fashionistas out there (including me!), I totally get the pressure many women feel to look like they’ve walked off a Vogue editorial shoot every day. The reality? Fashion covers so much more than designer-inspired outfits and ultra-polished get-ups. If you’re a jeans and a t-shirt girl then own it. It’s the confidence behind an outfit that makes it brilliant, not the clothes alone.


Step out of your comfort zoneboho4Do you ever see something in a shop and think ‘wow, I love it… but it’s just not me’? Stop pigeonholing yourself! It’s okay to have a diverse taste in clothes. My style ranges from vintage pin up to modern trend lover, with some rock chick and boho vibes thrown in the mix. Fashion should be fun, so enjoy it.


Never apologise for being different

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If there’s one thing my love of fashion has taught me, it’s just go for it! Life’s too short to try and look like someone else. Wear what makes you feel happy.


Thanks to Alice Greenfield, Bluebird and Thorn and Shoyeb for the images!