red jumpsuit summer outfit with tassel earrings in Pimlico London

If you own it, wear it: making the most of my wardrobe

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you’ll know that I have lots of wonderful clothes. It’s my mission to search high and low for bargain statement buys.

The problem is I don’t wear them.

red jumpsuit with tassel earrings in Pimlico London
Jumpsuit: Boohoo; Jacket: Primark; Sandals: Deichmann; Earrings: eBay; Bag: Anna Smith

Do you ever feel like you save clothes for ‘best’? We all seem to buy beautiful things for special occasions, then the other 90 per cent of the time complain about having nothing to wear.

I’ve vowed to change this. After all, what’s the point in having a wardrobe full of things I love, which rarely see the light of day?


I decided to bite the bullet and wear this eye-catching red flared jumpsuit when meeting a friend for lunch. Making an effort with my appearance always makes me feel more comfortable and ‘like myself’ than jeans and a t shirt.

Being in London is definitely an advantage when it comes to wearing bold looks. You really can wear whatever you like here and no one bats an eyelid. It can still feel daunting though, to wear something totally ‘extra’ for no reason whatsoever.

yellow tassel earrings trend with bright red jumpsuit on red haired redhead ginger blogger in Pimlico London

Speaking of ‘extra’, how killer are these yellow tassel earrings?! They cost me less than £2 and I love them. I am a huge fan of the trend for massive earrings right now. Sometimes it’s the little things like jewellery that make you feel you are really rocking your look.


I wasn’t sure about featuring this denim jacket, as I’ve posted about my love for it before. But that’s exactly my problem – if I’ve already blogged or Instagrammed something, I feel like I shouldn’t wear it again. Now where’s the sense in that?!

If you love something, wear it. Your followers who enjoyed how you styled an item first time round will also appreciate how you’ve styled it again.


Wear whatever makes you feel amazing, regardless of the occasion.

And if you loved wearing it once… wear it again!




    1. Thank you so much! I do love a good jumpsuit 😉 xx

  1. I live for statement earrings 😉
    Also, this look is amazing on you! x

    1. They really make an outfit, right? Thank you! 🙂 x

  2. […] wary of because of my hair. However, I am a big believer of never saying no to an outfit, and breaking all the style rules. If nothing else, I did feel very […]

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