The leopard bomber jacket: breaking my own style rules

The leopard bomber jacket: breaking my own style rules

I told myself I was never going to buy a bomber jacket.

It may be a trend that refuses to go away, but I was certain this look wasn’t for me. I was wrong.

Red haired girl wears leopard print bomber jacket next to street art graffiti
Jacket: H&M; Choker: Boohoo (similar here); Top: Forever 21; Jeans: Topshop

I’ve only ever owned one other bomber jacket in my life. It was back in January 2015, and while this luxe metallic bomber was gorgeous, bombers weren’t so much of a ‘thing’ then, and I ended up giving it to charity as I never really wore it.

Flash forward to 2017, however, and bombers are eeeeverywhere. Now I am definitely a biker jacket girl at heart, but with the temperature regularly reaching between 20 and 30 degrees in London right now, pleather is not the answer.


And so, in my quest for a lightweight summer-friendly jacket, I finally bit the bullet and treated myself to a bomber jacket.

But it was never going to be just any bomber, was it? Sports-luxe is really not my bag. Note: I use the term ‘luxe’ grudgingly here. To me, sportswear is never gonna be luxe. Stop trying to make sports-luxe happen, fashion editors! OK, rant over.

But three things I am definitely a fan of are animal print, statement jackets and back detailing.


The red stitching and subtle cuff detailing on this jacket are perfect given my red lipstick addiction. Maybe I can be persuaded to work a more casual look after all..?

I’m going to have to get a little creative to think of the best ways to wear this jacket, but you know me: I love a style challenge!

Why not venture out of your comfort zone this summer?