Alice’s monthly mission: July

Alice’s monthly mission: July

Another month, another mission!

In the words of the great Britney Spears, “you better work bitch.” That’s right- this month I’m being a career girl and working hard to get ahead.

I’ve always been an extremely driven person, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The past six months in London have been filled with uncertainty for me and I feel like I’ve spent all my energy trying to stay afloat and I’ve not been able to push myself to reach my goals.

But now I have a permanent job (yay!) and some exciting opportunities on the horizon, I feel in a much better position to put myself out there and really go for it.

I can be so hard on myself for not being where I want to be, like, RIGHT NOW. But I’ve realised my career is a marathon not a sprint. This month I’m going to take the first steps.


Here’s my master plan for the next 31 days-

Blog, vlog, Instagram
I’ve written it now so I’ll have to do it! I’ve been a little bit lax with my blog over the past month (partly because, you know, I was trying to make sure I would have a job past June) but this month I’m really going to up my game. I have a few exciting collaborations on the cards this month so keep a look out for those!

Get out there
The only way to get ahead in the media industry is to meet people. This month I’m going to challenge myself to attend some networking events, go on dates and just get myself out there. Even though I’d rather just go home and get in my PJs most of the time. Fake it til you make it, people.

Say yes
I’ve developed a talent for making excuses. But this month I’m going to accept any opportunities that come my way. After all, you never know who you’ll meet or where you’ll end up!