Keep cool and carry on: redhead vs. heat

Keep cool and carry on: redhead vs. heat

I like summer in small doses. I know I should feel lucky to finally have some Mediterranean heat in the U.K but, quite frankly, I can’t hack it.

And I don’t have the clothes for it.

IMG_2389.jpgBodysuit: Boohoo; Shorts: Zara (old); Sandals: Boohoo; Bag: Accessorize (old)

Now I know I’m on a shopping ban this month, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I have nothing to wear (OK, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration, but my warm weather options are seriously limited).

It’s rare for me to wear shorts, but when it’s topping 30 degrees Celsius it’s all I can handle. I first wrote about my love of these snake print shorts from Zara in Spring 2016.  I love that they work equally well for spring, summer or autumn.


Even on the hottest of days, I’m just not a bog standard shorts and t shirt type.  It’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with back detailing (so I can show off the back gainz, innit) and the low back paired with the ruffle detailing meant I instantly fell in love with this bodysuit. I did need a hand putting some Factor 50 suncream on my back though. Story of my life…


I have so much love for the colour red. I truly believe it’s the one colour that suits everyone. I love the colour pop against my super pale skin, but equally this shade would look really great teamed with a holiday tan. Something I shall never experience…


My biggest problem in summer is definitely footwear. I have so much difficulty getting comfy shoes, due to my narrow feet and freakishly long toes (the struggle is real). Plus, I generally find summer sandals either have no sole on them and I end up getting shin splints, or they are too high to be practical for every day.

However, these sandals from Boohoo are an absolute dream. The footbed is so comfortable and I love the metallic gold straps. They come in black and rose gold too.


Enjoy the sun (or the shade!) everyone. And remember:

  • Suncream is your friend (and essential).
  • Keep hydrated. No, cocktails don’t count. OK, maybe they count a little bit.
  • Long dress or short shorts- wear whatever keeps you cool!