Alice’s monthly mission: June

Alice’s monthly mission: June

It’s month two of my little monthly mission project.

This month, my task is simple (in theory): not to buy any ‘new’ clothes.

Notice those quotation marks. Yep, when I say new I mean not from the High Street. If you’ve been following my blog for long, you’ll know that I have a pretty mixed relationship with the High Street. And to be honest, right now I think brands like River Island and Missguided etc. are just a bit pants.

But my monthly mission isn’t solely fuelled by my dissatisfaction of High Street looks (though hopefully that will make this month a bit easier!). Instead, I want to take a bit of a breather to appreciate the clothes I already have and embrace my personal, distinctive style.

This certainly isn’t my first ‘no buy’ challenge I’ve set myself (my last spending ban was back in October). This time, however, I plan to be a bit less stringent (and stingy!) as I’ll also be using this as an opportunity to explore some great independent brands and vintage shops.


Here’s what I’ll be doing this month-

Finding new ways to wear
I’m going to play with layering, trans-seasonal dressing and generally finding new ways to appreciate old favourites. I have some fabulous clothes, but they often get passed up for the chance to wear something ‘new’.

Sharing more great Indie brands
I love discovering new independent labels. Since moving to London I’ve discovered even more amazing brands that I can’t wait to tell you about. Feel free to shop on my behalf!

Making the most of London’s vintage scene
London’s vintage offering is amazing. On the road I live on alone I think there may be about five vintage shops. Five. So I’m going to start taking advantage of them while I can and I’m sure I’ll encounter some super stylish people too who can inspire my look.