Her success is not your failure: A lesson in girl love

Her success is not your failure: A lesson in girl love

Ladies, we need to talk about girl love. No, not like that! I mean, we need to discuss why it’s so difficult to support each other.

You see, when girls get together great things happen. But sometimes this is harder than it should be.

The world is a competitive place and it feels like women are pitted against each other constantly, from magazines posting ‘best’ and ‘worst’ dressed lists, to articles mercilessly comparing footballers’ current girlfriends and their exes.

But it’s not just the media. How often do we find ourselves picking flaws in other women? When did you last look at someone on Instagram and think ‘I hate her eyebrows/ hairstyle/ lipstick’? Or find yourself instantly hating a classmate or colleague you perceive to be a rival?


Often when we scrutinise others like this it’s in an attempt to combat our own insecurities. But I promise you, striving to find the positives in people will improve your self confidence so much more than criticising them ever will.

You know that scene in Mean Girls, when Cady realises that making fun of Caroline Kraft won’t help her win the competition? It’s time to start taking some of that teen movie wisdom on board.

Her success is not your failure. You can both be beautiful, you can both be intelligent; there is no reason why you can’t both succeed.

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Take a moment to realise how brilliant you are. But also accept that you are not special. The truth is, every other women is working her butt off too to make it to the top, and if we support each other the climb becomes that bit easier.

All this competition can make the world a lonely place but it doesn’t have to be this way. Tell that girl on Instagram her outfit looks great, congratulate your classmate on her presentation. I’m a strong believer that your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you start supporting other women they will start supporting you too.

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So next time you see a girl you ‘hate’, take a moment to walk in her shoes. Chances are you have more in common than you think.

It’s tough being a woman, so let’s be there for each other. Who knows what great things could happen?