How to do glitter lips (VIDEO)

How to do glitter lips (VIDEO)

We’ve seen the pictures on Instagram, but how easy is it to actually achieve the glitter lip trend at home?

My sister and I decided to give it a go, armed with a multitude of coloured glitter pots and glue that smelt suspiciously like PVA. What could possibly go wrong..?

You’ll find the kit we used here.


Personally, I LOVED this look! I can confirm that I have since worn this on a night out and it did last. My advice- use a straw when drinking.

I also managed a slice of pizza with my glitter lips but this is definitely an end of the night activity only.

It was really easy to remove my sparkly lips, too. I used a little bit of micellar water and the glue just peeled right off.

Go on, get sparkly!