Have you been to… Ballie Ballerson?

Have you been to… Ballie Ballerson?

Do you remember the joy of rolling about in a ball pit, and the satisfying feeling as you waded through those multicoloured plastic balls?

Well, us twenty-somethings can relive our childhood play centre memories at ultra-hipster London bar, Ballie Ballerson.


Located in Dalston, Ballie Ballerson is a concept bar that’s definitely one for the bucket list. Initially, the bar went for a retro theme, complete with the multicoloured balls of our childhood, but recently transformed itself into Glowy McGlow (the bar is still called Ballie Ballerson though. Confusing, I know.)


The main difference from the ball pits of our infant years is, of course, the addition of alcohol. Ballie really excels here.

The current cocktail menu is themed around the planets, with liquid nitrogen, helium and fire key components. My cocktail came with a balloon. As you do.

IMG_8086 (1).jpg

But the drinks are only an added bonus. People come to Ballie Ballerson for, well, the balls.

And there’s thousands of them. Twenty-one thousand of them that is.

The biggest surprise for me was just how hard it is to wade through the balls. Seriously, we must’ve had some serious leg gains when we were three because this is one hell of a workout.


But once you’re in, the feeling of the balls is sooooo satisfying (now there’s a sentence all men wish they’d hear us say 😉 )

Prepare yourself for phantom limbs emerging from the melee. And if you do decide to take a dive, make sure you have a friend or two to pull you out again! Seriously, as you sit fully emerged your life definitely flashes before your eyes. A word of warning: this is definitely not a place to go if you’re blind drunk.


If you decide these balls are your bag, then you’ll have to plan ahead as tickets sell out fast. Ballie Ballerson offers two hour slots, from Wednesday to Saturday.

There’s also the option to enjoy the ball pit as part of a bottomless brunch, where there are fewer people so more space to explore.

Ballie Ballerson, 79 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8AD