Let’s talk about Olaplex

Let’s talk about Olaplex

I’ve had my hair every variation of ginger imaginable but all that colour has taken its toll.

So when I decided to add some subtle blonde highlights (using BLEACH, argh!) I knew it was time to bring out the big guns: Olaplex.

I’ve heard a lot about Olaplex from the bold-haired bloggers and salons I follow on Instagram. This is a three-step system that, according to Olaplaex, “works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.”

No. 1 is mixed in with hair colour or bleach; No. 2 is a repairing treatment to be used immediately after dying, and No. 3 is a follow up deep conditioner to be used for maintenance.


Usually Olaplex is only found in salons, but a quick search on eBay revealed I could get enough of all three steps for one – two treatments for around £13. Not bad, considering the salon-size sets retail for around £450!

My hair might not be as bright as it’s been in the past, but recently it’s just felt so lacklustre. The colour felt so one dimensional, for some reason my hair just would not hold a curl, and it was course to touch. Not the luscious locks a gal hopes for.

I decided to add in some subtle balayage-style blonde highlights, to created a sun kissed and subtly multi tonal look.


Using Olaplex was really easy. I added half of my vial of No. 1 to my ginger dye, and saved the other half to add into the bleach, which I applied afterwards for the highlights.

The create the subtle balayage look, I used this kit. This is actually the second time I’ve done some DIY highlights. Last time, I used the funky comb brush the kit comes with the wrong way round (d’oh!) and the result was much bigger chunks of blonde, whereas this time I achieved a more subtle look.

First tip: Olaplex will decrease the “potency” of your bleach. I wish I’d kept mine in for a little bit longer (despite my ingrained fear that leaving bleach too long will cause my hair to snap off!)

After I rinsed off the bleach, it was time to bathe my hair is No. 2. I slathered this all over, then wrapped my hair in cling film (legit bought from Asda cling film. Sexy I know) and left the treatment in overnight.


I definitely felt a difference to my hair texture. Were my dry ends totally fixed? Sadly, no. But my hair did feel in better condition. Also, and somewhat miraculously, I noticed that the curls I added lasted all day- even on my freshly washed hair! This would never have happened before Olaplex.

I’m yet to try out No. 3, though I intend to use it overnight once a week, in the hopes my hair will stay soft and vibrant.

I would definitely use the Olaplex system again. £13 plus a fiver for my box dye is still a bargain compared to having my hair coloured in a salon, and I loved how easy it was to use this professional product.

I’d love to hear about your experience with Olaplex too!