Have you been to… Hipchips?

Have you been to… Hipchips?

Any dream you have can come true in London. Nothing is too crazy, too out there, too niche. Case in point: Hipchips, London’s first crisp cafe.

Yep, you read that right. A crisp cafe. If you love chips and dips, you will be in heaven here.


Yes, that is a conveyor belt of potato chips. At Hotchips they make their own crisps from scratch, and boy are they good! If you like thick cut, well salted, artisan-style crisps this is the place for you.

These guys really love their potatoes, and make crisps using a variety of in-season spuds. The crisps aren’t flavoured; just lightly salted.


Now on to the dips. This is where it gets a little weird (or life-changing, depending on your taste). Hotchips offers savoury and sweet dips.

Savoury flavours include smokey cheese fondue, veggie ceviche, baba ghanoush and katsu curry.

Or if you fancy trying something different, their dessert flavours include chocolate praline,  campfire smores, chocolate salted caramel and cheesecake. Sounds surprisingly good, right?


I went for the katsu curry and a special lobster dip. They were very rich and a little sickening but absolutely delicious!

I also loved the presentation, in these cute little boxes. This is more than just a snack. This is an experience (and a filling one too!)


The chips aren’t cheap. £4.50 will buy you a small portion with two dips, though in reality it is a heeuuuge serving. I had to take half of mine home with me.

If you fancy sharing the experience (OMG, great date idea, right?!), a medium with three dips is £6.50. Or, if you really want to try a full range of flavours, a large with six dips costs £11.50.


If you’re looking for some thing totally unique to do in London, definitely add Hipchips to your list.

Hipchips, 49 Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 6HL