Being fashionable (even when fashion doesn’t fit)

Being fashionable (even when fashion doesn’t fit)

It’s no secret I love clothes. But sometimes, clothes just don’t love me.

My body has changed and grown (for the better) since my teenage years, but as a fashion lover it’s hard to feel body positive when fashion just doesn’t fit.

I am not skinny, but I am not fat. I am short. I am shapely. I am wide, yet narrow; slim yet curvy. My body is a myriad of contradictions and everything fashion is not.

There is so much of my body I am immensely proud of. I can feel my muscles grow and get stronger every day, and I have a round bottom that most girls would die for. I am blessed with a beautiful smile and soft, supple skin. But no matter how many times I celebrate all the wonderful things my body is, there is another voice pointing out all my body is not.

I don’t blame the fashion industry (well not entirely) because they are only doing their job. The reason women with curves don’t often make it onto the runway is because a womanly figure would change the drape of clothes, and her full curves would draw attention away from the designs. Skinny models are used as human coat hangers.


But then the rest of us are not coat hangers, and when we try to emulate these looks on bodies with different curves and angles, of course we notice that it looks different.┬áThe A-line leather skirts I covet by Saint Laurent are stretched over my curvy hips, and I can’t feel confident in the sheer mesh and lace of the catwalks when the back fat hanging over my bra underneath is visible for all to see.

It’s hard when your body type doesn’t fit the trends you love, but the reality is one size (or style) does not fit all. It seems this is not my season.

Any body transition is tricky, both mentally and physically, and when something that means so much to you starts to become a chore, it can be heartbreaking. But, like our bodies, our relationship with fashion need not end, but simply change.

Because the bottom line is, you can scream and shout about the injustice of the fashion industry, you can starve yourself or squeeze your body into a size too small, but none of these things will make you any happier. You and I must embrace our bodies, and accept that what worked for us three years ago won’t always work now. Take time to explore and be playful with your style.

You’ll find that fashion does still love you, after all.