Have you been to… God’s Own Junkyard?

Have you been to… God’s Own Junkyard?

In a new series on the blog, I’m going to be sharing with you some of the coolest places I visit whilst in London (and beyond!)

First up is God’s Own Junkyard, a neon oasis in the suburban desert of Walthamstow.


For anyone unfamiliar with Walthamstow, it’s a fairly nondescript residential area in Zone 3, with the occasional pretty mock Tudor building punctuating streets of public authority-style housing.

But hipsters lurk everywhere in London if you look hard enough. Welcome to Ravenswood Industrial Estate, a hub of craft breweries and secret bars.

IMG_7868 (1).jpg

Amongst these is God’s Own Junkyard, a cult favourite and one of those not-so-secret secret must-see spots in the Capital.

In this warehouse artist Chris Bracey displays his mammoth collection of neon signs, from retro to kitsch and the every day, creating a visual spectacle not to be missed.

IMG_7872 (1).jpg

Every twist and turn offers a new plethora of signage to take in, all set to a great soundtrack of 70s and 80s gems. God’s Own Junkyard supposedly has the largest collection of neon signs in Europe- quite an unusual claim to fame, admittedly, but definitely worth ticking off the bucket list.

IMG_7883 (1).jpg

God’s Own Junkyard offers a small cafe (and bar), so you can take your time and fully take in the environment. Bare in mind it closes early- 9pm on a Friday and Saturday, and 6pm on a Sunday (and it isn’t open during midweek at all).

IMG_7875 (1).jpg

With the permanent pink fluorescent glow, you might struggle to get good selfies here, but  this is still one of the top photo spots in London.

Once you’ve taken all your snaps, it’s worth checking out some of the other bars in the estate, such as Wildcard Brewery- a craft beer brewery that turns into a bar at the weekends- and Mothers Ruin Gin Palace, where you can pick up a bottle of Artisan sloe gin or flavoured vodka.

You’ll find God’s Own Junkyard at Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St, London E17 9HQ