How to have more money (and still live your life!)

How to have more money (and still live your life!)

Oh lawdy, January is a long month, isn’t it? My January has felt especially tough, after a move to London and surviving here on an Edinburgh pay (I do not recommend).

But the upside of being so skint is I’ve learned some great money saving tips to share with you. You can be poor and have fun, promise!

Switch to own brand products
Venus razorblades? £12. Boots razorblades? £5. Quaker Oats? £2. Asda Oats? 50p. Brands spend a lot of money convincing you their product is best, but for any staples- store cupboard ingredients, cleaning products, basic toiletries- switching to non branded products will save you so much with no real effort required. Result!



Plan your meals in advance
There are so many benefits to meal prep. If you decide what you’re eating in advance, you’ll only pick up what you need in the supermarket, you’ll be less tempted to order expensive take aways and you’ll probably eat more healthily too.


Master the art of the discount
My Unidays, Hot UK Deals, Topcashback… there’s some many ways to save money these days. Always check before you buy, whether that be 20% off your favourite brand, or cashback on your broadband bills. Seriously, there’s deals on almost everything if you look hard enough. Once you master the art of the discount you’ll grudge paying full price again.



Pay in cash only
Put the card away! How many times a day do we mindlessly swipe our contactless card without thinking about how much we’re paying out? Try setting yourself a cash limit for the week. When you have to physically hand over the money you might think twice about unnecessary purchases.


Find some free fun
There’s always some low-cost fun to be had! Visit your local museums, plan potluck dinners with your friends, explore a part of the city you haven’t been to before. Instead of going out for coffee, why not invite your pals over for a cuppa? Generally your friends will feel as skint as you do, so work together to find some free fun.

How do you make your money go further? Share your thoughts in the comments below!