A Guide to Winter Layering

A Guide to Winter Layering

It’s official- December is here people, this is not a drill! And while I love all the festive party looks out there, sequins and slinky dresses just aren’t feasible every day (God I wish they were).

But cold weather doesn’t have to mean boring! Here’s some tips to layer up your perfect winter look.


DSC01239.jpgBoots: Public Desire; Jumper: Asos; Jeans: Missguided; Coat: Primark; Scarf Johnstons of Elgin; Necklace: Primark; Bag: Gucci

Pick a colour palette
Layering is a breeze when the colour scheme links together. I wanted to build an outfit round these amaaaazing burgundy thigh-highs, so my colour palette was pretty much sorted. Tip: black will tie together any colour scheme (well except navy, but let’s not go there). Bare in mind your jewellery choices as well, and stick to either gold or silver, unless you’re an absolute style queen and know how to tie these together with ease.

DSC01237.jpgFocus on ‘the look’
Next think about what sort of vibe you’re hoping to create. I went for quite a classic-inspired look for this one, but with the 2016 twist of adding the boots. The classic camel coat/ tartan scarf combo gives this a preppy, wintery vibe.



It’s all in the details, darling!
Never underestimate the final touches. Scarfs, hats and gloves are an easy winter addition to finish any look. Also, don’t underestimate the value of the perfect handbag. I’m notoriously bad at investing in accessories, but having the one that’s ‘just right’ for your outfit really makes it. Have a think about what colours you wear often and the style you have, and stock up on accessories accordingly.

Have fun layering!