Is your Black Friday deal worth it?

Is your Black Friday deal worth it?

In case you’ve missed it, tomorrow is Black Friday. Retailers may promise us the BEST bargains you’ll find all year, but not all deals are as good as they seem.

Don’t let yourself be bombarded by all the emails and offers. I’ve compiled a handy guide to help you figure out if that Black Friday deal is really worth it.

Do you really want the item?
This is the number one rule of Black Friday shopping- don’t buy something you wouldn’t buy otherwise. Give yourself a list of the things you are after or of the people you need to buy for, and stick to it religiously.

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Can you afford it?
Sure, a £600 TV reduced to £400 may be a good deal, but it’s still a lot of money to part with. Give yourself a Black Friday budget and ignore more expensive items, no matter how good a deal they may seem.

Have you shopped around?
Every shop has different offers and prices, and it is essential to compare these before you buy. This is not so easy on the High Street, but as simple as a click of a mouse online. It’s worth baring in mind that certain retailers are more expensive in the first place (ehem John Lewis), and another shop might stock the same product for a better deal all year round.


Does it work out cheaper than your student discount?
Most retailers don’t let you use a student discount (or any other offer) in conjunction with their Black Friday deals, which may mean you end up paying more than you would otherwise. If you are a student, check My Unidays to find out what you’re entitled to. With some brands offering up to 35 per cent discount, saving your purchase for a regular shopping day is definitely the smarter option.

Is there a minimum spend?
‘Save £10 when you spend £100’,  ‘30% off orders over £60’… sound familiar? Lots of retailers these days offer amazing discounts if you spend enough in the first place. This is great if you have a long list of things to buy anyway, but otherwise you may find yourself filling up your basket with things you don’t particularly want solely for the discount.


What are your top tips for Black Friday shopping? Share your thoughts in the comments below!