What The October No Buy Challenge Taught Me

What The October No Buy Challenge Taught Me

As the first week of November draws to a close, I can proudly say I survived the October No Buy Challenge.

Apart from saving me from my overdraft, here’s what else I learned from taking a break from shopping last month.


I learned to reinvent old favourites
Just like I demonstrated in this post, simply by layering, experimenting with accessories or playing about with colour, a look you thought could only be worn one way can be totally reinvented. I tried an old favourite outfit with different shoes; used my lipstick to accentuate colours in my clothes and worked my favourite yellow biker jacket with eeerythang. It was like being an entirely different woman!


Image: George Hodan

I realised so much of High Street fashion is really samey
A girl’s always going to window shop, right? But while I was browsing without buying, I quickly picked up that so many pieces on the High Street are the same whichever shop you go to. I’ve seen far too many examples of brands layering up trends like there’s no tomorrow. Seeing through the ‘25% off today only’ and ‘free postage when you spend £50’ offers made me see how shops make us buy clothes we don’t want or maybe even like that much in an effort to be current and fashionable. By all means, ladies, snap up those High Street pieces you really can’t live without. But make sure you’re being true to your own style.


I decided I don’t need new clothes
Do I want new clothes? Every. Damn. Day. But, ultimately, there’s more important things than fashion *gasp*. I used my newfound funds to socialise, go out for food and even managed to squirrel a small amount away in my savings. Will I be a shopping miser from now on? No way. But I will start thinking about how much I really want something before I buy it. I’m already thinking how I can reinvent some of my favourite party pieces for the festive season.

I learned my taste in clothes is awesome
As I delved deeper into my wardrobe, I rekindled my love with some real gems. We are always looking to the High Street to solve our outfit woes, but more often than not the solution is something we already own. Try this- instead of spending a fortune on a new outfit, pull something you’ve been meaning to wear out of your wardrobe and focus on finding the perfect final touches to make the look totally you.

Go on, explore your wardrobe!