All in the Details: How to build an outfit with impact

All in the Details: How to build an outfit with impact

With grey skies, darker nights and general post-summer blues, it can be hard to feel inspired when it comes to fashion right now.

But making a style statement shouldn’t mean spending a fortune on new season looks. In fact, I promise you already have the building blocks for a great outfit already waiting in your wardrobe. Here’s how to find them.

1. Pick the piece you really want to wear

DSC01026.jpgJumpsuit: Pretty Little Thing

I love this vintage-inspired embroidered boiler suit, but it’s a piece that hasn’t been worn as much as it should have. The great thing about jumpsuits is they are the ultimate dress up/ dress down piece, so I decided to take a more casual approach to show this beauty off.

Now the weather is getting colder, I knew I’d have to get a little creative to wear this comfortably. While I would normally roll the sleeves up, I had them down for extra warmth, and instead of letting the jumpsuit form my entire outfit, I tried to think of a way to incorporate a jacket or coat into this look.

2. Think outside the box

DSC01035.jpgBra: Lovehoney; Jacket: Zara; Choker: New Look

It would be easy for the wow factor of this jumpsuit to be lost under a coat, so I decided to play with colour to make a statement. The beauty of the red lace bra showing through (OK, maybe not a look for the fainthearted!) is that the colour is perfect both with the embroidery on the back of the jumpsuit, and it’s a really cool colour contrast with this mustard biker jacket!

When it comes to colour, try and think outside the box. For example: swap your brown cardigan for fuchsia pink, or experiment with bold lipstick choices (try purple and thank me later).

3. Accessorise! 

DSC00997.jpgClutch bag: SOPHIA SW CHAN @ Scottish Design Exchange

Ideally, I’d wear this jumpsuit with heels considering how stumpy my legs are, but for a day time look I decided to opt for boots, and kept to black for a slight elongating effect. However, if you aren’t as short as I am, footwear can be a great opportunity to add some extra colour, print or detailing.

I was given this funky white clutch by designer Sophia Chan at a recent blog event at the wonderful Scottish Design Exchange.  I liked it as one last colour contrast.

4. If in doubt- add a statement necklace!


Ahh, the mantra by which I live my life! I always like a good statement necklace to add a bit of excitement, and right now there are so many amazing chokers on the High Street that really complete an outfit.

So go on- get creative and fall in love with your wardrobe all over again!