The October No Buy Challenge

The October No Buy Challenge

If you’re a regular on my blog, you’ll know that a couple of times a year I put myself under a clothes buying embargo, and this October it’s time to do it again.

You might be wondering, what’s the point? In fact, there’s several of reasons I think that even the biggest of fashionistas should take a break and revaluate their existing wardrobe.

Think of the money
I try not to think about how much I spend on clothes each month because… ouch. How can people I know not buy a single item of clothing for months on end and I’m always trying to justify my next purchase?! There is definitely no harm in loving clothes, but unfortunately there is more important things in life to spend money on. I’m going to give my credit card a month to detox, while I think about which pieces I genuinely need for winter (no coat is safe).

Chances are your wardrobe is already fab!
While I don’t think I am victim to the whims of temporary trends, the truth is there is just So. Many. Beautiful. Clothes. But you know what? I already have beautiful clothes, and chances are you do too. When you always have your mind on your next purchase, it’s easy to forget about the gems you’ve yet to wear or how great your old favourites make you feel.

Here’s a lil sneak peak into my actual wardrobe (or one of them).

Take time to identify the gaps
It’s important to take some time to inventory what you’ve already got. Really assessing your wardrobe is especially useful at the start of a new season. Enjoy getting reacquainted with your favourite knitwear, cosy coats and best-loved party dresses. Most of these won’t have been worn in so long you’ll feel like you’ve gone out and bought new clothes without spending a penny!

Have a clear out
The less time you spend shopping, the more time you have to try on old clothes, clear out what isn’t working for you and look out anything that needs freshened up or altered. When you flick past the same pieces every day, it’s easy for items you never wear to blend into the background. Go on- fish them out, take them to a charity shop and enjoy all the new space you’ve created for future must-haves.

CouldĀ this jacket be the best buy of my life?! Possibly…

It’s time to share those amazing purchases!
I’ve bought so many amazing items over the past few months I’m yet to share on the blog. If you’ve bought anything recently (or maybe years ago) that you love, show it off to the world instead of leaving it lingering in the wardrobe.