10 Things You’ll Understand If You Have Red Hair

10 Things You’ll Understand If You Have Red Hair

It’s official, ladies- red hair is ‘in’ for autumn/ winter 2016.

While some have been rocking this trend since birth, others (ehem) have faithfully converted to the #gingerlife.

Whether you’re a natural redhead, or committed to your orange hair dye, here’s 10 things you’ll definitely be able to relate to.

Primary colours are your best friend
Green, red, blue… nothing makes your amber hair and pale skin pop quite like these colourblock shades. You may wonder, ‘do I really need an 18th green blouse?’ Yes. Yes you do.




Everyone wants to know if that’s your natural hair colour
Because clearly only redheads fake it. If ginger is your natural colour- rude. If it isn’t, well… no one needs to know thank you very much.

You intuitively spot other redheads
Either on TV or in a crowd, you’ll always spot others of your kind. It’s a tough ol’ world out there for gingers, so it’s best to stick together.




Beach holidays are a nightmare
Whether you are the type who burns or whose face becomes one giant freckle, the sun is not your friend. Faux redheads aren’t safe either- your normal ability to process the sun’s rays will instantly give you away.

You’ll realise few celebrities are real readheads
Emma Stone? Faking it. Christina Hendricks? She wishes! Amy Adams? Not a chance. If you’re a fake redhead too, you’ll realise the commitment these ladies have to maintain their flame-haired locks. Ginger is a state of mind, natural or not!


Image: mamamia.com

Fake tan is a no-no
Orange hair, orange skin? Not unless you’re auditioning for a part in the new Heinz Beanz advert. Seriously, put the bottle down ladies!

Finding the right colour of eyebrow pencil is impossible
Blonde shades are too ashy, and brunette shades are too dark. And let’s not even start on foundation…

You are forever identified as ‘the redhead’
Yep, that’s you. Not ‘the tall one’, ‘the pretty one’, ‘the smart one’- the only thing people care about is your hair. Top tip- exclusively hang around with fellow gingers. Well you can’t all be ‘the redhead’…




More men have a fetish for red hair than you think
I blame Jessica Rabbit. But then again, in a world of Kardashian wannabes, what’s wrong with being different? Flaunt those fiery locks gal.

Blondes don’t have more fun… it’s readheads!
Let’s be honest- no one can resist a redhead.

What do you love/hate about being ginger? Share your thoughts in the comments below!