Shop Smarter, Look Better: How to make your money go further

Shop Smarter, Look Better: How to make your money go further

I’m terrible for spending so much money on clothes, I can’t afford to go anywhere to show them off! And as happy as I am to look like a queen wandering round my flat, really there’s no point looking fabulous if no one is going to see you.

But does that mean no more shopping? Of course not! Here’s my top tips for shopping smarter and making your money go further.


Shop for the lifestyle you have
The saying may be ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’, but when money is tight, can you really justify prospective purchases? If your lifestyle is casual, there’s no need to stock up on smart dresses. Similarly, if you always like to dress up, who says you ‘need’ sweatpants in your wardrobe? I for one own very few ‘beachy’ summer outfits, because the weather in Scotland is so cold they would get worn one day a year. Gotta keep it real, people.

Find the gaps
What do you need? What is your wardrobe lacking? Sometimes it’s just that one thing you’re missing to get the most out of lots of your clothes. Staples like well-fitting jeans, a biker jacket and heeled ankle boots will make an outfit out of anything.

Shop statement pieces
If you regularly read my blog, you’ll know I am all about statement buys. But aside from the fact they are AMAZING, statement pieces can quickly transform the wardrobe you already have. Live out of jeans and a tee? Add a statement jacket. Want to jazz up a simple dress? It’s statement necklace to the rescue! I recommend Zara or Boohoo Boutique for outerwear, Primark for jewellery and Topshop for shoes.


Look how proud of you the mannequins are!

Outfit plan in advance
When I find a piece I absolutely must have, I start to outfit plan before I’ve even ordered it. That’s because I don’t want my beautiful new find languishing in my wardrobe without being worn. If you can’t name at least three different ways or occasions you could wear the item, now might not be the time to buy it.

Sell, sell sell!
List items on eBay + use the money to buy new clothes= guilt free shopping. Obviously the bigger the label, the more likely you are to get decent money, but everything adds up. Plus, the more you sell, the more space there is for new clothes. #winning

Take it back
If you have any doubts, just return it. There will be better clothes out there waiting for you. Don’t waste your money on ‘almosts’ and ‘maybes’.

What are your top shopping tips? Share your thoughts in the comments below!