The Accessories Edit: June

The Accessories Edit: June

For anyone who reads my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to get into accessories more. The trouble? Once you start looking, the wishlist is never ending!

I may be El Skinto this month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise like a goddess on my behalf. Here’s my pick of summer’s top accessory trends and where to find them.

Keep it kitsch 

kitsch5.jpgL-R Bag: £35 @ Accessorize; Earrings: £12.99 @ Zara; Rucksack: £40 @ Topshop; Badges: £3.99 @ New Look; Earrings: £10 @ Topshop

I don’t normally do quirky. But this season I am aaaaaaall over anything with badges or patches! Similarly, I can’t get enough of novelty bags. For summer you’ll find handbags that look like juice cartons, phone boxes (!), telephones… wearable art has never been a bigger trend. Don’t forget to add a healthy dose of Hawaiian, palm tree-inspired accessories to your arsenal for beach summer vibes.


Feel the fringe

fringe6L-R Necklace: £16.50 @ Topshop; Clutch: £24.99 @ New Look; Satchel: Zara

Fringing detailing has been everywhere for a while now- on the sleeves of jackets, down the seams of trousers, adorning shoes… but if full on western vibes aren’t for you, there’s some amazing accessories that make a nod to the trend on the High Street right now. A fringed handbag is a staple piece for summer.

Sissy that walk

boots5.jpgL-R Sparkly: £49.99 @ Public Desire; Denim: £45 @ Asos; Lace: £75 @ Topshop; Metallic: £140 @ Asos

Move over sandals- ankle boots will always be my shoe of choice, regardless of the season. It’s well known in fashion circles that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, and you will certainly turn heads in these amazing options! David Bowie would be proud.

Make a statement

statement7.jpgL-R Necklace: £10 @ Missguided; Hair rings: £6.99 @ New Look; Choker: £10 @ Topshop

Over the top? Never! The bigger, zanier or just generally more unique, the better! This stunning corsage choker from Topshop gets a big thumbs up from me. It comes in a feminine combo of grey and nude too. And as for the hair rings? I’m not sure I’d ever try this trend but it’s such a cool festival look and a bargain at £6.99.

Get styling!